How To Solve The Safety Hazards Of Gas Stations?

How to solve the safety hazards  of gas stations?In order to pursue economic interests, some gas stations continue to expand the scale of gas stations, upgrade the level of gas stations,

and invest heavily in the construction or transformation of gas stations as Refueling cities, refueling center, etc.,

change the third-level and second-level gas stations into first-level gas stations or small oil depots.

Unilaterally pursue economic benefits, while ignoring fire safety in construction and renovation, leaving many safety hazards of gas stations. A little negligence may cause fire or explosion accidents, resulting in major property losses and casualties.Therefore,

special attention should be paid to fire safety in the construction and renovation of gas stations.

Safety hazards of gas stations

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(1)Blind site selection is not made according to the requirements of the specification,

and the safe distance between the gas station and surrounding buildings, structures, traffic lines, etc. is not considered.

(2)Construction and renovation drawings have not been designed by the relevant qualification departments or submitted to the local public security fire department for review and approval,

and the construction is carried out without authorization, resulting in an unreasonable plane layout,

and the tank is buried in the basement or semi-basement, etc., resulting in congenital fire hidden danger.

(3)During the construction and renovation of the gas station, there is many miscellaneous personnel,

and there is a phenomenon that the operation and construction are carried out at the same time,

and the management is chaotic when unloading and refueling.

(4)The phenomenon of random connection of electrical lines is serious, the electrical equipment does not meet the explosion-proof requirements, the management is not in place, and the randomness is very large.

(5)The fire safety responsibility system is not implemented, the person lacks the necessary fire prevention awareness, and the firefighting facilities and equipment are not in place.

Reasons for the safety hazards of gas stations

The existence of these problems directly threatens the safety of gas stations.

(1)The reason is mainly due to the lack of correct understanding of fire protection work by gas station managers.

(2)According to statistics, explosion and fire accidents in the oil system account for 36% of the total number of accidents, and the accident probability and loss are the highest among other accidents. which is enough to cause us to attach great importance to fire protection work.

(3)As the saying goes, fire and water are ruthless, without safety, there is no benefit, and even blood must be paid. Therefore,

the fire protection work must implement the policy of giving priority to prevention and combining prevention and fire prevention.

(4)Prevention first means that the gas station must do a good job in fire protection education and safety management during the construction and renovation process,

continuously enhance the fire safety awareness of employees, and resolutely overcome fluke and paralysis. Only when managers at all levels pay attention to fire safety work and strengthen measures,

can the fire protection work of gas stations develop healthily?

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How to solve the safety hazards of gas stations?

(1)Seriously study the relevant fire protection laws and regulations, plan for the long-term,

and do a good job in the site selection of gas stations in strict accordance with the requirements of the regulations.

(2)The construction and renovation plan of the gas station must be designed by a department with design qualifications,

and the drawings shall be submitted to the public security fire department review.

(3)Implement the fire safety responsibility system, establish and improve various safety operation procedures and fire safety rules and regulations,

assign responsible persons at all levels, and clarify the fire safety responsibilities of all parties in the contract with the relevant construction unit,

and designate a special person to be responsible for safety management.customization fuel dispenser | Bluesky

(4)It is necessary to strictly manage the temporary electricity parts, strictly prohibit the random connection of electrical lines, strictly implement the approval procedures for hot work,

and implement lightning protection, anti-static, and explosion-proof measures.

(5)Strengthen the training of fire safety knowledge for employees, and master the fire fighting methods for the first fire,

so that each employee has a solid fire safety awareness. Equipped with a sufficient number of fire-fighting equipment to be prepared.

(6)According to the characteristics of the gas station, formulate corresponding firefighting and emergency evacuation plans, and organize and implement drills.

(7)In a word, the fire protection responsibility of gas stations is heavy,

and fire prevention work is related to the life and death of gas stations.

Only by continuously improving the understanding of the importance of fire protection work, preparing for danger in times of peace,

strengthening measures, and making unremitting efforts, can we do a good job in the fire protection work of gas stations. to be truly guaranteed.

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