How to solve the shipping problem of “Hai Kui No. 1″?

Shipment is the most technically difficult and risky link in the transportation of “Hai Kui No. 1”.Due to its oversize, overweight, and the large cylindrical structure exposed to wind, it is easy to rotate.

Hai Kuan No. 1 transportation

The main deck area of “Hai Kui No. 1” is equivalent to 13 standard basketball courts, the height is close to 30 stories, and the total weight is equivalent to 30,000 cars. Loading such a sea giant onto the ship requires the design and calculation of the plan. Analysis, on-site command, etc. all put forward extremely demanding requirements.

Wang Jiqiang, CNOOC Offshore Oil Engineering’s “Hai kui No. 1” installation project manager: “Hai kui No. The sea state window to meet operating conditions is only 3 days per month, and no mistakes are allowed. The loading process requires close cooperation of six port tugboats to “thread the needle” on the turbulent sea surface. The positioning accuracy is required to reach the millimeter level, and no collision is allowed during the process. Technical difficulty is the highest among similar shipping operations in the industry.

During the ship-loading operation, the deck surface of the semi-submersible ship will dive to 25 meters underwater. After it is in place, the deck surface of the semi-submersible ship will slowly emerge from the water to hold up the “Sea Anemone No. 1”. After the shipping operation is completed, “Haikui No. 1” will be connected and fixed on the deck of the semi-submersible ship, and then transported to the Liuhua Oilfield Group in the Pearl River Estuary of my country.

Hai Kui No. 1 towage

my country’s large offshore platform shipping and transportation capabilities achieve a breakthrough.

Shipment and transportation are an indispensable key link in the construction of offshore oil and gas fields. As offshore platforms continue to develop into deep water and large-scale, higher requirements have been placed on the technical capabilities of shipping and transportation equipment. After rapid development in recent years, my country’s large offshore platform shipping and transportation capabilities have achieved important breakthroughs.

The shipment of “Haikui No. 1” successfully applied underwater precise positioning technology for the first time in the domestic offshore platform shipment, and the positioning accuracy reached the world’s advanced level. The technical solutions, calculation analysis, operation control, etc. involved in this shipment were all provided by our country. Completed independently, it pioneered the independent implementation of the entire process of loading and unloading ultra-large cylindrical floating production equipment in my country.

Liu Kejian, Senior Director of CNOOC Offshore Oil Engineering and Installation Branch: Completed nearly 700 large and medium-sized offshore platform loading operations, with a total weight of more than 3 million tons, equipped with 350,000-ton floating production equipment, and 12,000 nautical miles of ocean In terms of key capabilities such as transportation, the system has mastered a complete set of shipping and transportation technologies for multiple types of offshore platforms such as towed shipments, modular transport vehicle shipments, and float-to-ship shipments.

Hai Kui No. 1

In recent years, our country has built several large-scale transport ship equipment such as Asia’s largest ocean platform transport launch barge “Hai Yang Shiyou 229” and the world’s second-largest semi-submersible ship “Xin Guanghua”. With the successful implementation of super-large ocean projects such as “Haiji No. 1”, “Haiji No. 2” and “Deep Sea No. 1”, my country’s shipping and transportation technology has leaped to the world’s advanced level.

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