How To Source Gas Station Equipment from China

Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional fuel dispenser manufacturer focusing on exporting business,

always received questions from our new customers about how to source gas station equipment from China.

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We will briefly introduce the process of importing gas station equipment from China.

First, as a buyer, you must clarify your needs. The details requirement about the gas station equipment you would purchase. Determine your purchase quantity.

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After identifying the gas station equipment you need, you have to know about your country’s import situation:

1. Name of the port which is closest to your city or your market.

(Some country is landlocked, for this situation you need to know the name of the nearest transfer port, Kampala Uganda usually choose Mombasa Kenya as the port) So that you can ask the supplier to provide the freight cost also when you inquire about the gas station equipment quotation.

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2. Customs clearance documents are required in your country.

Normally the Commercial Invoice and Packing List are necessary. And maybe also the Certificate of Origin (CO) to certify the products are from China. Some countries have their own certificate requirement like Nigeria will ask for Soncap;

Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania will ask for a COC certificate; Saudi Arabia will ask for SASO, and so on. You have to mention this before you place the order for the supplier. Otherwise, you may not get the fuel dispensers due to a lack of these documents.

3. Customs clearance fees.

That normally depended on the values of your imported goods. You have to count it in your cost for gas station equipment. So the exact cost for your equipment will consist of these conditions:

1. Cost of gas station equipment;

2. Freight cost from China to your market ;

3. Customs clearance fees (include the extra cost for the necessary certificate ).

The above is the preparation to become an importer.

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4. The following will explain how to find and purchase fuel dispensers from China.

You have to find the supplier, for this, you can search in Alibaba, Made in China, and also google. Because the fuel dispensers are mechanical products, Amazon may not be able to help you.

(Please note Wenzhou Bluesky Energy is the top fuel dispenser exporter in China. That means you can jump into the search and contact us directly ).

Provide the details requirement and quantity of your fuel dispensers and your port to the supplier. They will make the quotation according to your needs.

During your discussion remember to ask the supplier to provide some videos and pictures of their factory and products (some international traders will pay money for Alibaba and google to improve their search rankings even though they are not the manufacturer) to make sure the one you are talking with is the fuel dispensers manufacture factory.

After the order details and price are finalized by both parties, it is time to make the payment. Normally Chinese companies only accept US dollars, EUR, and RMB. And the payment term will be T/T or L/C(L/C is normally asked for Irrevocable and at sight).

For Bluesky, we will ask for 30% of the fuel dispenser’s value as the deposit and will start production once the payment arrived in our bank account. Will provide the customers with videos and pictures of their products when they are finished. The shipping will be arranged after receiving the balance.

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Remember to provide the information for the consignee for the Bill of Loading. It usually includes the Name of the consignee, Address, and Contact information.

You will receive the documents and bill of loading one or two weeks after the shipping. And the shipping company will contact you when the products arrived at your port. You can find an agent who has experience in the clearance area for you. A good clearance agent can help you to save a lot of money and avoid difficulties.

After completing the above things, you will be able to get the fuel dispensers that you imported from China.


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