How to use a vane pump for oil and gas separation?

The vane pump in the fuel dispenser is the core of the work.

Fuel dispensers have both flow and pressure requirements as well as measurement accuracy requirements.

Therefore, the fuel dispenser vane pump must not only meet the performance requirements of the general pump,

but also meet the requirements of flow stability and pressure stability.

Internal view of vane pump

How it works

Most of the oil is discharged through the outlet valve, and some is returned to the tank through the relief valve. After oil and gas separation,

Most of the gas and a small amount of oil enter the atmospheric pressure chamber through the exhaust valve and discharge back into the tank through the float valve.

Working principle diagram of vane pump oil and gas separation

The oil-gas separation capacity of the suction type of fuel dispenser is a very important performance indicator.

If the oil and gas separation capacity is insufficient, too much gas is mixed in the output oil of the pump,

which will seriously affect the metering accuracy of the fuel dispenser.

Flow pulsation caused by excessive gas content in oil will also increase the noise of the fuel dispenser and pollute the environment.

Method of judgment

The measurement method is done by introducing a certain amount of air at the pump inlet.

For oils with viscosity less than 1MPa·s, the intake volume is increased by 4% with each repetition.

For fluids with viscosity greater than 1MPa·s, the intake volume is increased by 2% with each repetition.

Observe whether there are bubbles in the oil dispenser and make a curve between the intake volume and the error.

The vibration frequency of gases and liquids is not the same.

Therefore, the change in data can be judged to be caused by the presence of air in gasoline.

In this way, the pump’s oil-gas separation capacity can be determined.


This method is using sensors and computer digital technology to establish a pressure signal test platform for the fuel dispenser vane pump.

vane pump

This method has a scientific principle and can directly and accurately obtain the oil and gas separation value of the pump.

Fuel engine manufacturers and research units should pay attention to this.


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