How to Use APS System to Improve Work Efficiency?

Bluesky APS System

With the rapid development of the Internet era, computer hardware has also been continuously improved. On the basis of the original office, some office software can be used to improve work efficiency.

What is Bluesky Advanced Planning and Scheduling System?

The system uses software to track order status, record error messages, and enable relevant staff to exchange information.

In this way, instead of paper records, it solves the information lag problem often caused by the paper age. For example, for orders requested by customers,

the sales department often needs to follow up on the order status in real time to ensure that the order can be shipped in time.

In the paper age, this kind of work often requires contacting the personnel of each department by phone to confirm where the order is.

This kind of communication takes time. The company produces a lot of orders every day, and the order volume has exceeded the workload of the staff.

And for the operation of this kind of query, the own work of the relevant staff has been affected, and it is also a waste of time.

With the help of the APS system, order inquiries will become more convenient and save human resources.

The sales department can query the order number through WeChat to get the real-time status of the order.

APS system flow chart

Advantages of Bluesky APS system in data storage:

Compared with traditional paper, it is easy to lose, difficult to store, and difficult to find.

The Bluesky APS system not only provides real-time order monitoring but also provides order upload and past order records.

It can effectively help sales and production departments to query and manage past orders.

For example: for order documents six months or even earlier, traditional paper documents will become very difficult to find after they are piled up.

How to quickly find order documents in a file room with piles of documents requires a factory with special document management personnel and mature management rules.

However, APS only needs the sales department to upload the order,

and then quickly search and download the order file through the order number,

omitting a lot of time-consuming and labor-intensive query steps.

In an era when human resources are becoming more and more expensive,

using software to save tedious human steps and replacing paper records with data storage technologies such as databases is an important part of improving factory productivity.

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