How to use automatic refueling machines at fuel stations?

Automatic refueling machines at gas stations are a very convenient way to refuel and can save consumers time. This article will introduce how to use automatic refueling machines at gas stations so that consumers can better understand and use them.

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1. What is the station’s automatic refueling machine?

An automatic refueling machine at a gas station is a device that uses a machine to complete refueling. It consists of a nozzle, a fuel tank, a pipe, and a computer control system. It can automatically identify the remaining fuel in the car’s fuel tank, allowing consumers to put it directly into the refueling nozzle. Automatic refueling can be performed, saving consumers the trouble of needing help from a dedicated person to refuel.

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2. How to use the automatic refueling machine at the gas station?

1). Prepare payment tools: Consumers need to prepare payment tools in front of the automatic gas station. A variety of payment methods such as cash, banknotes, WeChat Pay, and Alipay can be used here. Consumers can choose based on their needs and existing payment tools.

2). Insert the payment tool: Consumers will insert the prepared payment tool into the machine according to the prompts on the automatic refueling machine, and then enter the password to pay.

3.) Select the type of gasoline: Consumers can choose the type of gasoline they want to add to the fuel tank of their car, such as 92#, 95#, 98#, etc. Consumers can choose according to their preferences. The type of gasoline their car needs.

4.) Take out the oil gun: Consumers take out the oil gun insert it into the fuel tank of their car, and then follow the instructions on the automatic refueling machine. Consumers can adjust the amount of oil according to their needs.

5.) Refueling completed: After refueling is completed, the automatic refueling machine automatically shuts down, and consumers can put the oil gun back into the refueling machine and leave the gas station.

6.) Settlement and payment: After the payment is completed, consumers can check the volume and payment amount on the receipt.

When using an automatic refueling machine at a gas station, consumers need to prepare payment tools, select the type of gasoline required for their car, follow the instructions on the automatic refueling machine, and put the oil gun back into the refueling machine. Leave the gas station after completing the payment for gas.


3. Maintenance of refueling nozzle

As a kind of mechanical equipment, the refueling nozzle also needs maintenance after being used for some time. Generally speaking, the maintenance of the refueling nozzle includes the following aspects:

1). Clean regularly. During use, the refueling nozzle will absorb dust and dirt, which can easily affect its working efficiency. Therefore, the refueling nozzle needs to be cleaned regularly.

2)Lubrication maintenance. Some parts inside the refueling nozzle need to be lubricated regularly to ensure its flexibility and service life.

3). Check the parts. The parts of the refueling nozzle, such as seals, springs, etc., may become worn or aged after long-term use. Requires regular inspection and replacement.

4. )Calibrate the measuring device. The accuracy of the metering device is crucial to the effectiveness and safety of the refueling nozzle. Therefore, metering devices need to be calibrated and inspected regularly.

To sum up, the refueling nozzle is a simple and practical tool that can refuel the vehicle quickly and easily.

By understanding the working principle of the refueling nozzle and the reasons why the refueling nozzle automatically jumps, we can better use and maintain the refueling nozzle to ensure the safety and effectiveness of refueling.

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