How To Use EV Charging Correctly?

How to use EV Charging Correctly?

More and more new energy-electric vehicles in public parking lots,
So how should we use the EV charging correctly?
Let’s take a look together~

bluesky 3 gun charging
Before charging

1. Check the surrounding environment, and whether there are inflammable and explosive materials.
2. Check whether the EV charger panel or indicator light is normal?
3. Check if the charging gun connector is intact and dry?

CCS EV charger
4. Check whether the vehicle charging socket is normal?
5. Confirm that the charging cable is connected in place
6. Swipe the RFID card or use the password to charge.


Check if the charging status is normal.
Is there current, voltage, etc.?

Bluesky EV charger
After charging

  1. After confirming that the EV charger has stopped working, pull out the charging cable.
  2. Arrange the charging gun and put it back into the fixed socket of the gun connector.
  3. Seal the electric vehicle charging socket.

After charging
Common violations

  1. Using a key or other hard object, tap the EV charger screen hard.
  2. Normal swipe the card to stop charging and tap the emergency stop button to stop.
  3. After charging, the charging gun cable does not return to its place and is thrown on the ground at will.
  4. The connector of the charging gun is not checked before charging, and the charging gun is violently inserted and removed.

Common violationsEV charger function is similar to the gas dispenser in the gas station. It is a device for daily energy replenishment for electric vehicles.

The equipment is commonly found in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.),

residential parking lots, and professional charging In private parking lots.

With the substantial increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles,

the current number of EV chargers is far less than the number of new energy vehicles.

Let’s use the EV charging correctly and properly together!

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