How will China’s new energy vehicles develop next under?

With the gradual reduction of subsidies for new energy vehicles, the continuous improvement of technical requirements for new energy vehicles, the continuous intrusion of joint venture brands and foreign brands, with the release of the timetable for major enterprises to abandon fuel vehicles, which direction will China’s automotive industry develop next, and what prospects will new energy vehicles have?

China's new energy vehicle
The new energy strategy was put forward in 1992, and the core consideration for so long is the lack of oil and gas, but coal scenery and water are still good. The next step for new energy is to vigorously develop the utilization of electric energy and the production and storage of renewable energy. Spring River warm duck prophet, financial markets are already telling the story of this piece of cake.

The next step for car companies is to use this wave of inland market demand to accumulate energy, including their experience, technology, capacity, capital volume, management and operation promotion experience, etc. Gradually go to the world, eventually replacing traditional giants such as Toyota, Volkswagen, PSA, and General Motors.

Human society, as a carbon-based biological structure, is material, and only a manufacturing power can become a surface power. The country gives up this volume of consumer market to cultivate enterprises, to let them stand in the upper reaches of the world’s top 500. Local market saturation is only a matter of time, is the process of the mutual game, seize the time to hone their go-out is the best choice. Adapting to the localization of various places, and cooperating with more external enterprises and institutions, the improvement of energy storage strategy and technology will also open a dimension and become suddenly clear.

At present, automobile manufacturing is an important part that can drive the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and it is not important to use what to drive the car in the end, the important thing is that as a leading industry, the larger the development, the more able to drive a large number of the upstream industry chain. Expanding scale from customer demand is the first task of every car company competing in the market, and has been insisting on emerging new momentum industries.

The biggest “blow” that China’s new energy vehicles have given to these developed countries in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea is a blow to the expectations of their large enterprises in the capital market.

In the development of car companies in developed countries to today, many times the “expectation” is more important than the actual profit.

China’s advantages in the whole industry chain in the field of new energy vehicles and the characteristics of the new energy vehicle industry’s technical threshold are much lower than that of fuel vehicles so that Chinese new energy vehicle companies can easily beat international fuel vehicle giants in emerging markets.

China's new energy vehicle change

The only thing that “emerging countries vigorously develop pure trams” will greatly hit the future expectations of car companies in developed countries in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea and the confidence of the capital market.

China’s advantage in the whole industrial chain of the new energy automobile industry has indeed not made China’s new energy automobile enterprises earn a lot of money; However, because of this advantage of the whole industry chain, it has also hit the expectations of car companies in developed countries in the capital market. This is similar to the fact that although China’s new energy vehicle companies are still in 996, they are also forcing European, American, and Japanese car companies to change from 855 in the year to 996 today.

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