Hydrogen Stations in China

What is a hydrogen station?

The hydrogen refueling station is a special place for fuel cell vehicles to fill the hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen is compressed, supercharged, stored in high-pressure storage tanks, and then adds to hydrogen fuel vehicles by a hydrogen dispenser.

hydrogen stations in china

In the process of adding hydrogen in actual fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen injection time is generally controlled within 3-5 minutes.

According to the “White Paper (2019 Edition)” of China’s Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Battery Industry, from the perspective of hydrogen supply pressure levels, there are two types of hydrogen refueling stations: 35MPa and 70MPa pressure hydrogen supply.

In addition, depending on the source of hydrogen, hydrogen refueling stations can be divided into two types:

external hydrogen supply and hydrogen supply stations, and hydrogen stations internal hydrogen stations. Hydrogen stations in the station.

At the same time, according to different hydrogen storage forms in the hydrogen station,

there are two types of hydrogen gas stations and liquid hydrogen stations.

The hydrogen station is in China

As of the end of 2021, China had built 218 hydrogen refueling stations, an increase of 100 from 2020. It is expected to reach more than 12,000 in 2050.

hydrogen station in china

China’s hydrogen station level division

grade Hydrogen storage tank capacity (KG)
Total capacity (g) single can capacity
Level 1 4000<G≤8000 ≤2000
Level 2 1000<G≤4000 ≤1000
Level 3 ≤1000 ≤500

Development of hydrogen energy

As the industrial gas giant Linde announced its investment of 1.8 billion US dollars in the new blue hydrogen plant and Volth2 in Texas, the United States, the green hydrogen plant is planned to build a green hydrogen plant in Europe.

It can be seen that the future of hydrogen stations develops a major trend.

Storage and transportation of hydrogen energy

Recently, Shell signed a cooperation agreement with Calvera Hydrogen to entrust it with developing the world’s largest hydrogen duct trailer in the factory in Zaragoza, Spain.

The trailer is as long as 25 feet and uses the latest carbon fiber technology. Its hydrogen storage capacity exceeds 1 ton and the design work pressure is 51.7MPa.

The trailer can transport 1.0 tons of hydrogen on the American road. It can transport more than 1.3 tons of hydrogen on EU roads (because the road weight regulations of each region are different),

which is the highest designated hydrogen duct trailer in the international market.

Hydrogen long tube trailer

The application of hydrogen energy

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to decide to upgrade its largest basic load gas power plant 830MW Scattergood Plant (Scattergood) to a 100%green hydrogen power plant.

And authorized the owner of the power plant for $ 800 million in the conversion project contract,

but the energy utilization rate of the gas turbine at present is only 30%of the energy utilization rate of hydrogen power generation,

and the cost is expensive. The Water and Electricity Commission has not made the final conclusion on the project.

The Netherlands launched large subsidies to encourage fuel-cell heavy trucks and zero-emission transportation. It began the construction of a hydrogen fuel network with US electric truck manufacturers Nikola,

as well as Kawasaki Heavy Industry and J-Eng to promote the development of hydrogen fuel ship engines.

Hydrogen energy truck

The European Investment Bank and the Indian Hydrogen Energy Alliance reached an agreement. The European Investment Bank promised to provide up to 1 billion euros (about 1.07 billion U.S. dollars) for large Indian green hydrogen projects. Pilot projects are accelerating the efforts of commercialization of green technology. In addition, European investment banks also plan to join the Indian Hydrogen Energy Alliance.

Development prospects for hydrogen stations

With the landing of China’s fuel cell vehicle demonstration application urban agglomeration, hydrogen refueling stations as an essential infrastructure of the industry,

local governments have introduced policies on the planning of the hydrogen energy industry,

promoting the construction of infrastructure such as hydrogen refueling stations, support fuel cell vehicles Promoting operation.

It is expected that the number of hydrogen stations in China will exceed 1,000 by 2025, reaching 5000 in 2035 and 12,000 in 2050.

Hydrogen energy storage device

BlueSky has carried out the research and development and manufacturing of a new generation of hydrogen dispensers, following the pace of industrial development,

and provides a reliable quality and accurate measurement equipment and management system for hydrogen refueling stations.

bluesky Hydrogen dispenser

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