In The Eyes Of Oil Man, What Is Energy Culture?

When it comes to energy culture, many people think that it is grand and abstract, that energy culture is invisible and intangible,

and that it is better to produce one more ton of oil and have more energy.


So, why should we promote energy culture? Where is the value of energy culture, and what attitude should we take towards energy culture? Today, Xiao U will take the oil industry as an example to introduce to you.

1,000 years ago, Shen Kuo recorded in “Mengxi Bi Tan”: “There is oil in the territory of Yan and Yan.” This is the earliest word “oil” that appeared in ancient books.

China is one of the first countries in the world to discover oil and natural gas , but since the emergence of modern oil exploration technology in China in 1878,

China’s oil industry has hardly developed. One of the important reasons is the concept of “China’s continental oil poor” Trapped people’s minds.

In order to break the “poor oil” argument of foreign experts,

Chinese geologists have made unremitting efforts in confirming the oil generation of “continental strata”.

In the late 1950s, the first large continental oil generation oil field in the Songliao Basin, Daqing Oilfield,

was born Yes, it is not only a giant oil field but also has an annual output of 50 million tons of crude oil for 27 consecutive years.

Continental oil generation surprised foreign experts.

They don’t know that in the eastern, central, and western parts of China,

Many lakes developed during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras,

And deposited lake and river sedimentary rock.

In the Superimposed and Jurassic systems, the Kuomintang was unable to explore oil reservoirs because of technical problems.


These rich continental geological landforms, Originating from China’s unique geological unit of “high in the west and low in the east”,

And the unique “Great River Civilization” formed by ancient people in the process of understanding and utilizing nature

The Dahe civilization is based on a farming economy and water source irrigation.

Among them, the characteristics of the surging river and the nine beats of the ileum,

Formed the characteristic of ancient people’s continuous self-improvement over the years,

Constituted the spiritual background of the earliest energy culture.

That is to say, the Chinese petroleum culture, which originated from the mainland’s petroleum era and river civilization,

The spiritual characteristics of adventure, leaving home, and advocating individual spirit are related to the generation of offshore oil,

There are significant differences in marine civilization.

With the practice of mainland oil generation theory throughout the country,

The petroleum industry culture is gradually dominated by military culture and war culture.

I have learned the style of oil men who dare to fight, are good at fighting tough battles, fight continuously, are not afraid of hardship, and are highly adaptable to natural conditions,

The oil construction all over the country is in the form of Mobile Warfare.

Concentrate superior forces and annihilate the enemy one by one” military principle to carry out economic activities. the

Different from foreign countries, China’s oil culture is characterized by political culture and military battle culture,

while foreign oil culture is characterized by corporate culture,

which emphasizes how to pursue efficiency and survive the fittest in market competition.

All in all, the petroleum culture of my country’s industry includes the natural attributes of continental oil generation,

as well as the traditional Chinese cultural spirit of the great river civilization,

as well as the social culture endowed by how modern people use and allocate energy.

This energy cultural spirit is emphasizing How to view the issue of oil development and utilization and explore the value of energy.

What are the values of energy culture?

Speaking of the values of energy culture, let us take the development of the oil industry as an example. Before the founding of New China, my country’s oil industry was extremely backward. In 1949, the national crude oil output was only 120,000 tons. With the gradual rise, growth, and high-quality development of the oil industry, my country has already contributed half of Asia’s oil production. Consumption of petroleum has reached 651 million tons, ranking first in the world. Today’s development of the petroleum industry has profoundly affected people’s basic necessities of life, food, housing and transportation, and quality of life.


The energy culture also inherits the traditional culture’s ecological ethics of “virtuousness carries all things”,

and the environmental protection concept of “doing nothing to clean up”,

which contains the spirit of harmonious coexistence, respect for nature, reverence for nature, and compliance with the laws of nature. In modern development, a development trajectory from high-carbon to low-carbon, low-efficiency to high-efficiency, and unsustainable to sustainable has gradually formed, and it has become an important promoter of building a beautiful China, promoting the construction of ecological civilization and sustainable economic development.

What is the spirit conveyed by energy culture?

The “Tao” of the energy trend is reflected in the values of the oil industry, which is the iron man spirit conveyed by the classic song “I Offer Oil to the Motherland”.

In addition, this “Tao” is also reflected in the development direction of the oil industry, such as leading the transition from high-carbon to low-carbon,

and striving to transform from a high-energy-consuming society to a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

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