Introduction to portable charging piles

Everyone is no stranger to charging piles, but at present, to meet the needs of owners, many companies have launched portable charging piles.

portable charging piles

The advantage of a portable charging pile is that the volume is smaller than the traditional AC pile so that users can charge in small or limited space places to meet the needs of mobile charging.

The car can be charged wherever it goes, as long as the place where it is parked can be connected to a power source, an unwelcome restriction.

Only compared with the charging pile installed in a fixed position, the charging power is low and the charging speed is slow,

which is suitable for charging when the parking time is very long, such as stopping the yard for a long time to charge when going home for the New Year,

but it is not suitable for the charging needs of the tight travel time.

Of course, you also have to see what kind of charging standard your car supports, whether it is slow charging or fast charging,

whether it is national or European standard. It’s like when you’re looking for someone, you have to look right.

1. Portable charging pile portability

Portability depends on your use case. If you often have to carry it around, you must find a light one, otherwise, it is like carrying a brick, and how tiring it is. However, if you are charging at home or at a fixed location at work, weight is not a big issue.

2. Portable charging pile compatibility

Compatibility is also important, just like a phone charger, make sure it can charge your car. Now the compatibility of the charging pile is also very comprehensive,

but it is still too optimistic, otherwise, buying back a display, is too bad. You can read the product description,

or ask the seller directly, don’t buy time that can not be used, which will be embarrassing.

3. The price of a portable charging pile

As for the price, let’s be realistic. Good things are certainly not cheap, but they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

You can compare, look at the cost, and find one that is both affordable and useful.

If you have a limited budget, brands like Wenzhou Blue Sky Energy are very real, and cost-effective,

just like the kind of economically applicable men, although not the most bright, but reliable.

portable charging pile

4. How to choose a portable charging pile?

(1) Select one that can adjust the power. Rural power lines are generally used more freely, if you do not know the specifications of the wire, use the lowest power to charge, to avoid fire.

(2) Select the non-ground cable. Many sockets in the countryside have no ground wire, and some chargers can not be used without ground wire.

This is a portable AC electric vehicle charger (BSEC series), which is mainly composed of an online control box, charging gun, plug, cable, and control circuit. It is a portable electric vehicle charging product. It enables owners to safely and easily charge their electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles anywhere, via a standard home or industrial power interface.

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