Is it possible for gas stations to cheat?

A lead seal is an important step in refueling machines.

As a consumer, watching the bills on the fuel dispenser rise, are you concerned that the fuel dispenser is not measuring accurately? Or worried about cheating at the gas station for illegal gain?

As oil prices keep rising, a few gas stations will cheat, driven by profits. In the past to secretly connect the oil pipe, changed gear disc and other mechanical deception. Develop to replace the metering chip of a fuel dispenser,

modify the metering pulse parameters of a fuel dispenser, and other high-tech cheating ways.

There are roughly five situations of gas station cheating:

(1)Destroy the lead seal of the meter adjustment device

Destroy the lead seal of the meter adjustment device without authorization,

shorten the piston stroke of the meter by rotating the adjustment wheel, etc.,

resulting in a reduction in the amount of oil discharged by the piston every time it goes back and forth.

(2)Install diversion return pipe installation

Install a diversion return pipe device on the metal pipe from the oil outlet of the meter to the oil sight device,

so that a small part of the oil returns after being metered by the oil pump.

(3)Sprocket for controlling pulse signal

The sensor of the fuel dispenser has a toothed disc that controls the pulse signal. Every time the gear rotates once,

the display can automatically measure and display the number of liters of refueling according to the circumference.

Some gas stations increase the number of teeth of the sensor tooth plate

so that the pulse signal of the tooth plate rotation is increased, consumers pay more for fuel.

(4)Install the analog oscillator

Install an analog oscillator capable of generating pulse signals in the fuel dispenser,

and increase the number of pulse signals on the basis of the original pulse signal,

resulting in the amount of displayed oil exceeding the actual amount of refueling.

(5) Install a special “remote control” to modify the pulse equivalent

Once the “remote control” is energized,

it can control the fuel dispenser to speed up the frequency of empty air and charge more for filling up.

These methods are highly concealed. When law enforcement agencies check,

they will instantly restore the fuel dispenser that has cheated in metering to its normal state through simple methods such as power failure,

remote control, or computer operation.

In order to effectively curb the illegal behavior of fuel dispenser metering cheating and standardize the market order,

the fuel dispenser has added anti-cheating functions for different means and methods of cheating.

Now, the anti-cheating system has been fully implemented nationwide,

All fuel dispensers produced by the manufacturer shall not leave the factory without an anti-cheating system.

Measures to prevent gas station cheating:

The fuel dispensers currently produced are all tax-controlled fuel dispensers.

The principle is to add a monitoring chip to the machine’s measurement and control motherboard.

The monitoring chip is composed of a metering microprocessor and a monitoring processor memory.

When the fuel dispenser is refueling, the encoder generates a pulse signal,

and the metering microprocessor transmits the metering data to the monitoring processor.

After the data is processed by the monitoring processor,

it is stored in the tax control memory and sent to the display at the same time.

When the above functions cannot be completed,

the fuel dispenser will automatically lock.

Any information seen on the display screen of the fuel dispenser is displayed through the monitoring chip,

and whether the fuel dispenser can deliver fuel is subject to the permission of the monitoring chip.

Therefore, before the fuel dispenser leaves the factory

the manufacturer must confirm the fuel dispenser sensor,

computer measurement CPU and tax control CPU motherboard, which are key parts that can change the fuel dispenser measurement accuracy, and seal them.

After installation and commissioning, the local metrological verification institution shall pass the verification, start the anti-cheating system,

read the serial numbers of the monitoring microprocessor and encoder and keep them for the record.

Anti-counterfeiting lead seals with unique numbers must be installed at the mechanical adjustment device of the flow measurement transducer,

the encoder and flow measurement transducer, the meter control board, and the casing for record keeping.

Unauthorized opening of the fuel dispenser seal for maintenance without the authorization of the quality inspection department,

Or continue to use without metrological verification,

It will be regarded as intentional damage to the metering accuracy of the fuel dispenser and punished.

 what is a lead seal? What parts of the fuel dispenser need to use a lead seal?

Which parts of the tanker need to be sealed:

According to the fuel dispenser verification regulations,

lead seals are required for the fuel dispenser main board, encoder, and flow meter.

Lead seals are required at the mechanical adjustment device of the flow meter and at the connection between the encoder and the flow meter.

Flowmeter lead seal


In order to strengthen the management of gas stations,

and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers,

all the fuel dispensers produced by BlueSky with the regulations,

can protect the rights and interests of consumers and improve the credit of gas stations. Everyone is welcome to buy the fuel dispenser from BlueSky,

and consumers are also welcome to refuel at the gas station where we provide the fuel dispenser.

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