Is there a market for CNG filling stations in Africa

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CNG is a kind of natural gas, which has been used in automobiles for quite a long time. In the north of China, natural gas has been very common, and CNG cars can also be widely seen in other countries. But do you know if there is a market for CNG filling stations in Africa?

Nigeria is located on the west coast of Africa and has the first proven natural gas reserves in Africa. It has reserves of 5.1 trillion m3.

ENI has also launched an LNG project in Congo.

Africa’s total gas infrastructure output capacity (pipeline LNG) is now about 170 billion cubic meters per year, of which Algeria alone accounts for 125 billion cubic meters.

Of Africa’s natural gas export capacity, 60% is LNG and 40% is pipeline.

In 2021, African countries collectively supplied 16.6 million tons of LNG (about 23 billion cubic meters of gasification) to the European Union, 7 million tons to the United Kingdom and Turkey, 16.7 million tons to Asia, and 500,000 tons to Latin America.

The first characteristic of Africa is that its market is relatively large because it has a large population. That adds up to 1.3 billion people.

Second, most of their people belong to the middle and low end of a consumer group, so, cheap things are more attractive to them.

Third, Africa has relatively low tariffs and trade barriers.

On March 1, 2024. Chinese enterprise Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. launched CNG in Nigeria, Africa.

CNG filling stations in Africa

Many Nigerian sellers went to the conference to explain the release of the new CNG model. And how CNG applies to the car. And the application of the CNG system. In Africa, a natural gas powerhouse.

The emergence of CNG filling stations is undoubtedly a reasonable use of national resources.

Establishment of CNG integrated substation in Africa, The sub-station compressor of the non-station gas storage system adopts the integrated

technology and has the advantages. mall land, low investment, fast results, mobile, low energy consumption, intelligence, high efficiency,

energy saving, safety, and other characteristics. The model is adaptable and suitable. The construction of stations in the field, the construction of stations in areas with small urban planning

areas, the need to transfer stations irregularly or supplement other busier filling stations, etc. Ideal for the African market.

CNG filling skid is also the focus of this conference, natural gas filling skid is reflected in functional integration, It is loaded with CNG Compression system, CNG Unloading system, CNG Storage system, and CNG Dispensing system. Considering the size, it’s a lot easier than setting up an entire CNG filling station.

CNG Container Station

Of course, depending on the system installed in different countries, CNG can be localized. It’s also smarter.

The successful conclusion of this conference has also confirmed that CNG filling stations in the African market are in the future.

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