Key points for safe electricity use at gas stations in summer

gas station

1. Due to the peak electricity consumption in summer, when turning on the canopy lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other electrical appliances, the gas station should avoid supplying electricity at the same time, and pay attention to checking the changes in the voltage meter and current meter of the distribution cabinet or distribution box when supplying electricity. The voltage indication range is 380V±10% and can be used normally. Once this range is exceeded, stop turning on high-power electrical equipment and contact the equipment manager or power supply department for maintenance in time.

2. After high-power equipment such as air conditioners and canopy lights are turned on or have been running for some time, you should regularly check whether the switch is burnt or the line has a burnt smell. This situation is often caused by overheating of the line or a loose connection between the line and the switch contact. It may also be that the power of the electrical equipment does not match the line. If the power of the electrical equipment is too large and the wire diameter is thin, this phenomenon will also occur. Take immediate measures.

Check fuel and add oil

3. Check the grounding condition of electrical equipment. If the copper wire and the screw fastening parts are rusted, it will cause poor conductivity. Once the electrical equipment leaks, it will seriously endanger personal safety. It should be removed, cleaned of rust or copper rust, and reinstalled. Then apply butter or grease to prevent rusting again.

4. Check-in time whether there is friction between the overhead lines of the gas station and the surrounding buildings or lines to prevent the insulation protective layer from being damaged and the lines from leaking out, causing the surrounding buildings to be energized or the lines to short-circuit, resulting in electric shock accidents.

5. The grass and trees around the transformer room grow rapidly in summer. The distance from the electrical lines should be checked in time, and they should be cut down or trimmed to prevent direct contact.

Transformer safety

6. The insulation terminals outside the transformer room are contaminated with dust. When the humidity is high or there is a drizzle, it is very easy to cause discharge between high-voltage lines, causing the transformer, oil separator, etc. to burn out. Repairs and cleaning should be reported in time.

7. There is a lot of rainy weather in summer, and hands are prone to sweating. Insulating gloves and other protective equipment should be strictly used when performing power-on and power-off operations.

8. Daily inspections have found that when the gas station uses a generator, due to the large number of devices turned on, the voltage is lower than 360V the generator frequency does not reach 50HZ. The equipment cannot work normally or is damaged. After the generator is running, when the voltage reaches 400V, try to send high-power equipment and check the voltage changes at the same time. If the voltage drops significantly, the high-power electrical equipment should be cut off first. Then the generator throttle should be adjusted appropriately (do not adjust with load) until the rated voltage of the electrical equipment is reached.

9. When using a generator to supply power, computers, and other information equipment should first be connected to the UPS protection power supply before power is supplied.

10. During the rainy season, you should promptly check whether the house has leaks and take timely measures to prevent rainwater from dripping or soaking electrical equipment, causing electrical equipment to burn or people to get electric shocks.

11. Electrical equipment such as distribution boxes that are exposed outdoors without any shelter should be moved indoors or protected from rain promptly.

12. Safe use of electricity is no small matter. You must check the details, daily inspection is essential, necessary maintenance should not be omitted, and standardized operation is the most important

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