“liquid-cooled supercharger” design concept

Liquid cooling overcharging

Bluesky’s latest designed liquid-cooled supercharger has fast charging speed, fast heat dissipation, low noise, and a high protection level.

Liquid cooling overcharging and heat dissipation principle

Let’s talk about the design principles of liquid cooling overcharging:

1) Module: The 40kw Infineon module is selected, and 12 modules can be installed at the same time. Each module must be equipped with a corresponding miniature circuit breaker. At the same time, the power can be increased or decreased according to demand, up to 480kw. It is also compatible with 30kw/20kw modules.

2) Heat dissipation: A sufficient ventilation area is ensured in front of the module and front of the liquid cooling pump. There is a cooling fan at the inlet and outlet of the module, and there must be a closed space in front of the module to ensure that the fan can ensure the heat dissipation of the module. Since the liquid cooling pump comes with a fan, just make sure there are ventilation channels in front and behind it, and it does not affect the ventilation.

3) Molded case circuit breaker: According to the usage conditions of 480kw, we need to choose the appropriate molded case circuit breaker NM1-630H/3320 (630A) 690V, and the corresponding bronze plate must meet the requirements of current passing, and the designed contact area of the bronze plate is 270 square millimeters.

4) Control module: including main board, insulation board, communication board, input board, output board, ocpp protocol board, etc.

5) Output installation module: high voltage contactor, shunt, quick fuse, bronze medal, etc. These suspensions must meet the current output requirements and the contact area of the bronze plate must be no less than 250 square millimeters.

6) IP54 waterproof level: All doors are closed with waterproof rubber seals, all sheet metal welds are fully welded, and are equipped with access control switches to prevent the doors from being open during operation.

7) 4G networking: The whole machine is equipped with a 4G networking function, and there is a 4G antenna on the top of the whole machine.

8) Liquid cooling gun: American standard DC night cooling gun

9) Liquid cooling pump: According to the power requirements, high-power charging liquid cooling equipment ETY404012-3500 is selected. The installation of a liquid cooling pump should be convenient for disassembly and maintenance.

Liquid cooling overcharge design drawing

Over time, our products evolve from concepts to prototypes to physical objects. Welcome everyone to order this product.

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