LNG filling machine principle and design considerations

An LNG filling machine is a filling device used to transport liquefied natural gas to the car through pump pressure.

LNG dispenser

Due to the special low temperature of LNG, as long as the container loaded with LNG must be in a state of gas and liquid coexistence, the container it is loaded with will not be filled up. Moreover, because LNG is a low-temperature liquid, LNG gasification will occur continuously, resulting in LNG loss and increased pressure in the container. The increased pressure will cause the filling of LNG to be incomplete and wasteful. In addition, it is necessary to release the evaporating gas in the container at any time, otherwise the safety valve will be tripped due to excessive pressure. Therefore, this problem can only be solved from other places, such as increasing the pressure of the pump, or the temperature of the filled LNG as low as possible, to reduce the temperature in the container and reduce the speed of its gasification.

An LNG filling machine is a device for LNG filling stations to directly fill cars, and it is also an indispensable piece of equipment. The main accessories of the filling machine are the filling gun, flow meter, pneumatic valve, and solenoid valve, which complete the filling of the car through the joints of the filling port, return port, and return port. Although the flow rate of the filling machine is related to the pipe diameter, it is more related to the pressure of the pump. The greater the pressure, the faster the flow rate, and the fuller the car filling bottle is.

LNG filling machine

Usually, when a general car comes to refuel because the amount of LNG in the tank is not much, the pressure in the tank is very high and it cannot be filled efficiently. The gas will be sent back to the storage tank in the station through the return air joint of the filling machine. This return air should be counted by the return air flow meter and then deducted from the amount of LNG filling. However, there are relatively few return air flow meters in China now, and basically, no return air flow meters are used. Therefore, even if you choose not to use a return air flow meter when making a filling machine, you must reserve a position for the return air flow meter for the convenience of future installation.

The most important part of the LNG filling machine is the electronic control part of the filling machine. It controls the entire filling process like a brain, from starting the pump to opening the relevant valves to complete the pre-cooling stage to the completion of pre-cooling, and then to the start of filling. Each part is controlled by the electronic control, and it also includes the calculation and upload of the amount. The national tax control is also uploaded through the electronic control of the filling machine, so the electronic control is very important. As the country is becoming more and more strict with tax control, the control of electronic control is also becoming more and more strict. Now basically, as long as the chip related to electronic control can only be purchased through the enterprises designated by the state.

The internal structure of the filling machine is also very important, because if the filling machine wants to be small, the pipeline must be more compact, and if it is compact, there will be subsequent problems, that is, it is impossible to do insulation, and insulation is also extremely important in the manufacturing process of the filling machine, so it can only be sacrificed and made larger. In addition, there are also regulations on the spatial layout of the filling machine. There must be ventilation space, the electronic control part, and the filling pipeline part must be separated, and all electrical appliances must use explosion-proof hoses.

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