LPG dispenser with scale

LPG dispenser with scale. It is a set of devices convenient for customers to refill the device that can flush and fill the vehicle.

In addition to using the proximity pressure sensing sensor and the gas leakage detection sensor in the weighing part,

the safety is greatly improved and the danger is reduced. The pressure sensor uses a 24Bit high-precision AD conversion chip,

the collected data is very accurate, and the high-precision core processor performs data analysis. The part of the air-filling gun has a pull-off protection function to ensure that the air-filling gun can be safely peeled off and sealed after the car is accidentally towed away. It can refuel gas vehicles with different interfaces. Use the external keyboard to operate to complete the internal setting and query of the system. Moreover, the structure of the whole machine is reasonable, which is convenient for installation and after-sales maintenance.

Our company’s LPG dispenser with scale can fill and measure LPG vehicles and LPG cylinders at the same time,

combining the two functions into one, which is convenient for users.

LPG dispenser with scale structure

LPG dispenser with scale structure diagram

What are the functions?



LPG dispenser with scale Features

LPG dispenser with scale appearance

  1. Safety

When the canning area is working, the door of the filling machine is in a closed state, and an LPG leakage gas detection head and an explosion-proof fan are installed in the machine.

The detection head detects the concentration of LPG in real-time. If it exceeds the alarm value, it will prompt a warning and stop automatically. The explosion-proof fan will automatically start when it is working,

and the leaked LPG will be discharged out of the chassis. A proximity switch is installed on the door, and when the door is opened, the switch will be touched and the gas filling will be stopped automatically.

Safety valves, pull-off valves, and other protective devices are installed on the whole machine to ensure the safety of the filling machine.

  1. Simple operation

There are various indicator lights on the panel to display the working status of the gas dispenser, and the user operation is simple and convenient.

LPG dispenser with scale panel

  1. Accurate measurement

The gas-liquid separator can effectively remove bubbles, and cooperate with the differential pressure valve to ensure that no gaseous phase will enter the cylinder while adding gas. Four-piston volumetric flowmeter is adopted, and the pulse generator is anti-vibration and anti-electromagnetic interference. The unit of “liter” and “amount” is used to compensate for the temperature and density when displaying.

  1. Communication ability

It has the ability to communicate with other devices, and its interface is the current loop communication port.

  1. Data storage

The filling machine has data such as total tiredness, shift tiredness, historical records, shift records, etc., which is convenient for users’ daily management.

  1. Easy to calibrate

The dispenser is equipped with a return port, and the LPG liquid can flow back to the storage tank through the return port during calibration.

Two operation modes

  • LPG car-filling mode

LPG car filling mode

  • LPG cylinder filling mode

LPG cylinder filling mode

  • Dual-purpose flow chart

flow chart

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