LPG Filling Station

A complete LPG filling station includes LPG storage tanks, compressors, loading and unloading platforms,

power distribution rooms, LPG dispensers, lightning towers, firefighting facilities, office areas, etc.

1. What is LPG?

LPG is liquefied petroleum gas, which is a combination of propane and butane,

normally accompanied by a small amount of propylene and butene.

Can add a strong odorant ethanethiol inside in practical application, they can be easy to find the leakage of LPG. Liquefied petroleum gas can be released through oil refining or oil and gas extraction.

2. Why Liquefied Petroleum Gas is widely used?

① Less pollution to the environment. LPG is a hydrocarbon, consisting of G3 (carbon three) and G4 (carbon four). The characteristic of this compound is that it can be completely combusted without the need to emit dust into the air. In the current promotion of green environmental protection, the use of LPG can reduce the dependence on coal and reduce pollution.

②The calorific value per unit weight is high. The calorific value of 1KG of LPG and 1KG of coal, the calorific value of LPG is twice that of coal, and the calorific value of liquid LPG is about 45 185 ~ 45 980kJ/M3.

③Convenient transportation. LPG is a gas at normal temperature and pressure. It can be compressed into a liquid state by a certain pressure,

or frozen into a liquid state at a low temperature. LPG tankers and LPG carriers can be used to transport LPG on land and water.

④The pressure is stable. When transporting LPG to residents through pipelines,

it can be realized that the pressure of LPG before the stove does not change,

which is very convenient for residents to use.

⑤ The equipment used to store LPG is low-cost and simple, and there are many supply methods. Compared with the production, storage, and supply of urban gas, the storage equipment of LPG is relatively simple.

The LPG Standard Station is stored in LPG storage tanks and can be installed in LPG cylinders for residents to use,

or can be transported through the gas distribution LPG Standard Station and the supply pipe network. Implement direct gas supply through pipelines;

even just use small bottles filled with butane gas, to use as hot pot fuel on the table, it’s very convenient to use.

LPG skid

3. The situation of the LPG filling station set up in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh government plans to open 500 LPG filling stations within the next 2 years.

Omera Gas One Ltd, along with Meghna, Jauma, and the Padma. 4 large LPG companies in Bangladesh, are working together to build gas stations and LPG standard stations in Bangladesh.

According to a press release, under mutually negotiated terms, Omera Gas One Ltd will supply the petrol stations of the other three companies with LPG,

as well as retrofit local vehicles with LPG cylinders and add equipment to use LPG drive cars. And Beximco, Bashundhara, and Energypac agreed on the same goal.

They plan to launch 1,000 LPG standard stations in Bangladesh in the future.


4. About BlueSky LPG filling station

The BlueSky LPG Standard Station contains the above-ground and underground model units and is suitable for filling LPG vehicles and cylinders.

Whose system can work once it is connected to the power supply or compressed air (if any) and powered by natural gas?

The Bluesky LPG standard station is produced according to China’s liquefied petroleum gas equipment GB/T19238-2003 and has passed PCEC certification.

This technology is most suitable for those who need a very cost-effective turnkey solution to sell liquefied petroleum gas because it can be used as a complete LPG Standard Station for vehicles.

The pry block can be provided with or without cans and can be personalized with the dispenser of your choice.

BlueSky not only provides LPG standard station, but we also provide the best overseas service. We have companies all over the world,

and we always provide customers with the best solutions technical support, and on-site training and installation guidance.

LPG plant

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