What is LPG Station?

LPG station is a special place to fill the LPG for the car.

LPG cars are based on liquefied petroleum gas and are most widely used in all alternatives in the world.

LPG car

Compared with traditional automobile fuel-gasoline, the use of automobile fuel LPG has the following superiority:

1) The number of emissions is significantly reduced.

2) The toxicity of harmful emissions is lower than that of gasoline. Here mainly refers to the discharge of hydrocarbons (HC), and the HC emissions during LPG are not harmful to the harmful ingredients.

LPG’s hydrogen/carbon atom ratio is 2.5 ~ 2.7, and gasoline is about 2.25. CO2 emissions when using LPG are low. Considering the possibility of various compounds forming ozone, LPG emissions must be better than gasoline.

3) Since LPG uses LPG, it will not form an oil film on the surface of the engine intake manifold or intake tract wall, and it does not need to be cold-state like gasoline. Therefore,the emissions within the 40s and the heating process in the test cycle will be started in the test cycle. Good than gasoline. For the European III emissions standard, adaptability is better.

Usually, LPG stations have the following configuration

LPG storage tank area, compressor area, Loading platform (where LPG source is loaded and unloaded),

power transformation and distribution room, filling area (LPG dispensers, LPG scales, etc.), fire protection facilities, office room, etc.

LPG station

For the LPG storage tank, it has two types
  1. Above-ground tanks, which is convenient to install for the station, and the manufacturing cost is lower than that of the underground tank.
  2. Underground tanks need to be constructed and dug to install, the pipeline design is different and the cost is higher. But the safety is higher than the above-ground tanks.

LPG tank

The selection of tank types is more based on national and local policy requirements,

but the capacity of the storage tank is calculated by your daily consumption and how often the LPG offloading trucks visit your station.

Most compressors and motors are integrated.

The LPG compressor is used for the conveying and pressurization of LPG gases.

That will be used for the offloading.

The power of the compressor is generally determined by the capacity of the LPG storage tank.

LPG compressor

The filling area is composed of an LPG pump, LPG dispenser, LPG filling scale, and pipelines.

The LPG pumps, normally have three types: Vane pump, multistage pump, and turbine pump.

1. Vane-type LPG pump, Among the three types of pumps, under the same flow rate requirements, the price of the vane pump is the cheapest. But its noise is louder than the other two types, and the blades need regular maintenance.

Vane-type LPG pump

2. Multistage type LPG pump is suitable for the case where the pressure before the pump is relatively small, but the flow rate of the multistage pump is lower than the other types when under the same power rate. And its noise is much lower than Vane type pump.

Multistage type LPG pump

3. Turbine type LPG pump, the flow rate is higher than the multistage type but lower than the vane type. That will be applicable to the LPG station where the pressure is normal but needs to supply gas to multiple gas dispensers. And the LPG turbine-type pump has a longer maintenance period, but the cost is a little higher.

Turbine type LPG pump


The filling equipment for the LPG station usually will choose the LPG dispenser or LPG scale,
one is refueling for the LPG car and the other one will be fit for LPG cylinders.

The LPG dispenser has a similar outside to the fuel dispensers, But the inside main mechanical parts for it are completely different although some of them have a similar name.

the main mechanical spare parts are the LPG separator, Filter, LPG flow meter, Different valves, safety valve,  solenoid valve, and pressure gauging.

It can do the preset refueling and the flow rate will be around 40L/min.

LPG dispenser

LPG filling scales are used for the cylinders.

It will be with a different nozzle that is fit for the cylinder valves.

The refueling amount is calculated by weighting. The flow rate will be lower than the dispensers and also the measurement accuracy will be less.

LPG sdale

The LPG station also has valves, leak detection, and magnetic flap liquid level gauges to ensure the normal operation and safety of the station.

In addition, the simple LPG injection station can also choose as a mobile LPG skid injection device. It is suitable for construction sites, transportation companies, suburbs, and other places.

LPG Skid

For details on these accessories, please refer to other articles on our website

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