Maintenance of receipt printer and keyboard

In gas station equipment, printers and keyboards are common configurations. As the service life gets longer, printers and keyboards may have some minor problems, so how to maintain them? Let’s share how to maintain printers and keyboard card readers.

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Use and maintenance of gas station printing device

1. The printer is found to be jammed during printing

Immediately turn off the power of the printer, wait for the head to cool down, carefully remove the jammed paper, then load the paper correctly, close the head, and cover the front cover.

2. The printing paper is off-track

Turn off the power, open the front cover, put the paper in the middle of the head, and buckle the head. Press the self-test button to print the self-test list, and then close the front cover.

3. The handwriting is not clear

Clean the print head or use high-sensitivity and high-quality thermal paper that meets the requirements.

4. The printer can self-check normally but cannot print.
5. It is found that one or more columns are not printed

Clean the print head or replace the heating element on the print head.

6. The printer feeds paper abnormally, sometimes fast and sometimes slow

Use a cotton ball dipped in clean water or distilled water to gently remove foreign matter on the rubber roller or replace the transmission gear.

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Use and maintenance of the gas station card reader

1. Cannot recognize the card

The internal circuit of the card reader is aging, the IC card chip is worn out or deformed, and the card cannot be recognized after insertion. The card reader or IC card needs to be replaced.

2. The card recognition speed is slow

The card reader or card chip needs to be cleaned, and the shielding needs to be checked.

3. There is dust inside the card reader

The card reader needs to be cleaned.

4. The card cannot be automatically ejected after refueling, and the ejection card component is damaged

The card cannot be forcibly pulled out, and the card reader needs to be replaced.

5. Key failure

Check whether the keyboard membrane is in good contact with the key and whether the keyboard membrane is aging. If it is aging, it needs to be replaced.

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