Marine energy-saving equipment: atomizer

Composition of marine energy-saving equipment:

Composition of marine energy-saving equipment

The equipment consists of a feeding device, an atomizing device, a storage device, a constant temperature oil supply device, an Internet of Things computer control unit, an industrial touch display screen, an AC, DC power supply, a 4G wireless data module, and a Beidou positioning module. The atomized raw material automatically enters the atomizing device for high-speed cutting, grinding, atomization, etc., so that the agent, water, and oil are mixed and atomized, and then automatically input into the internal combustion engine for use.

Process flow of marine energy-saving equipment:

Process flow of marine energy-saving products

Product advantages:

Energy saving and efficiency improvement:

The product is committed to becoming a ship energy-saving and emission-reduction product. The product was shipped and used in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, and Beihai, Guangxi in May and August 2020, respectively, with a comprehensive fuel saving rate of 19%-25%.

Intelligent environmental protection:

Suppose a medium to large container ship uses marine fuel oil with a sulfur content of 35,000 ppm and travels at a load of 70% of the maximum power. In that case, its daily PM2.5 emissions are approximately equivalent to 500,000 new trucks in China in one day. After using energy-saving emulsified oil, the emissions are reduced by more than 50%.

Product features:

  • Industrial-grade hardware design, more worry-free to use!
  • 4G wireless IoT, data interaction without distance!
  • Intelligent atomizer IoT supervision system
  • The group and subsidiaries operate on the same platform, making management easier!
  • Real-time control of equipment operation status to ensure worry-free energy saving!
  • Multi-site same-platform operation big data analysis, visual display, control of future development direction!
  • Beidou global positioning, real-time control of equipment movements!
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