Mechanical Fuel Dispenser

Features of Mechanical Fuel Dispenser

A mechanical fuel dispenser is a dispenser that uses a mechanical counter. The mechanical counter is contacted with the flowmeter directly. It can only calculate and show the volume. The unit price and the amount cost for each refueling can not show for the customers directly. This makes the cost of mechanical fuel dispensers much lower than the electronic type.

The other spare parts of the mechanical fuel dispenser are the same as the electronic fuel dispensers. It also has motors, pumps, hoses, and nozzles. Some mechanical fuel dispensers will be with the handshake system so that can keep the refueling without the electricity.

Mechanical Fuel Dispenser

Difference between the Mechanical Fuel Dispenser and the Electronic Fuel Dispenser

Because the solenoid valve needs to be controlled by the electronic controller.That the electronic fuel dispenser has the solenoid valve inside which that the mechanical fuel dispenser does not have. This makes the mechanical fuel dispensers’ accuracy will lower than the electronic fuel dispensers. The solenoid valve will close the valve when the amount is reach the preset amount. So that won’t be any liquid coming into the dispensers anymore. This situation will make the dispensers’ accuracy higher.

Mechanical flow meter

As mentioned above that the mechanical fuel dispenser used the mechanical counter instead of the electronic controllers. So that the mechanical fuel dispenser not only can not set and calculate price but also can not do the most function which provided by the controllers. Such as preset refueling, search for refueling records, electronic calibration, and so on.

The mechanical fuel dispensers can work without electricity. That the pump can work via hand crack system by human doing. And electronic dispenser must be in contact with the electronic because the controller needs the electricity to keep running. Otherwise, it does not have any solution to calculate how much is already refueled.

As we all know, the gas station always will be with a management system that is used to manage and analyze the report. But the mechanical fuel dispenser does not have the controller to contact the management system. That the management system can not receive the data from mechanical fuel dispensers, also can not control them.

Mechanical Fuel Dispenser

The Situation Suitable for Mechanical Fuel Dispensers

The mechanical fuel dispensers are usually selected by the owner of the factories and the building sites. That they used the mechanical fuel dispensers for refueling the forklifts and other personal equipment. Because they do not need to calculate the price for the gasoline or diesel, only need to know the volume to be filled. That the mechanical fuel dispenser can achieve this requirement and also save the cost for them because the cost for mechanical fuel dispenser is much lower than the normal electronic one.

The environment which is without electricity will be suitable for using the mechanical fuel dispensers. That the hand crack system will provide the power for the suction pump to suck the gasoline from the storage tank to achieve the refueling. All this operation can be done by human doing and no need the electricity.

The other special situation that no need to calculate the amount price for gasoline refueling can also use the mechanical fuel dispensers instead of the electronic fuel dispensers. This can help the owner to save the cost.

The Details about The Bluesky’s Mechanical Fuel Dispensers

Bluesky can provide the normal mechanical fuel dispensers for you which is with the mechanical meter and electronic pump. That used for the own factory or personal situation.
We also can provide the hand crack system for the mechanical fuel dispensers so that you can do the refueling even the dispensers are without electricity.

But we also have received some inquiries from our customers that they want the electronic fuel dispensers’ accuracy and function and also want them can keep work without the electricity. For this situation, Bluesky provides the special mechanical fuel dispensers solution: Add the hand crack system for the electronic fuel dispensers.

Also, add a battery that can store the electricity in the controller that can provide the electricity for the controller running when the dispenser is without the electricity. And we can also add solar panels for the fuel dispensers. That the solar panel will provide the electricity for the controllers directly during the daytime when it’s a sunny day. And the battery will store the electricity, the capacity can work continuously for around two hours in the evening.

With this dispenser, you can achieve all the functions which the electronic fuel dispenser has. And also can do the refueling without the electricity which is the function of the mechanical fuel dispensers.

This is the mechanical fuel dispenser customized by Bluesky for customers

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