Micro Gas Stations

We, Wenzhou BLUESKY Energy Technology Co., Ltd., are a petro and gas-filling equipment with nearly 30 years of rich experience.

In order to continue to meet the needs of customers in different markets and countries and regions,

we have been committed to the development and manufacturing of new products.

For example, LNG skid-mounted equipment, charging piles, containers, micro gas stations, etc.

Today we will focus on explaining what is a micro gas station, how to use it, and where to use it.

Solar energy mini gas skid

The micro gas station type produced by our company can be divided into one type of 2000L;

2000L can be divided into two types, namely single compartment and double compartment;
The single product is one compartment, the double product has two compartments, made of 3mm carbon steel, this is the main structure,

and the other accessories are explosion-proof motor pumps, flow meters, level gauges, and solar panels, hand pumps, etc. Become.

Among them, the hand pump and solar panels will only play a role when the power is off. SEE AS BELOW

MINI gas station

mini gas station

Then the question is, why are micro gas stations more acceptable to the market and customers in the Philippines?
We briefly analyzed the reasons for the following convenience;

First; The Philippines is an island country with inconvenient transportation. Many islands have not yet been developed. The construction of standard gas stations is costly;
Second; small footprint, low cost, easy to transport;

Third; the volume of 2000L is simply tailored for refueling motorcycles;

Fourth; the introduction of government certification is convenient, and the product is safe and reliable!

Based on the above points, we believe that the micro gas station is in line with the actual local conditions;

Bluesky mini gas station

For more specifications, please see Container Fuel Station.

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