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The main body of the Mobile CNG fueling station is in the form of a container, which can be directly fixed on a container trailer for rapid movement or long-distance transportation. When in use, CNG vehicles on both sides can be refilled with CNG fuel at the same time. When the CNG stored in the tank is used up, CNG fuel needs to be replenished through the gas unloading column.

  • Independent filling area
  • Comply with explosion-proof design requirements
  • Intelligent control system
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    CNG mother station equipment,daughter stationm equipment and management system

    Mobile CNG refueling stations consist of compact units storing compressed natural gas in high-pressure vessels. It can be transported to different locations as required, making it suitable for various applications such as servicing fleets, supporting events, or addressing temporary refueling needs.

    Key components of a mobile CNG refueling station include:

    Compressor: A device that compresses natural gas to the pressure required for vehicle fuel.

    Tank: A high-pressure container or tank that stores compressed natural gas until it is distributed to a vehicle.

    CNG dispenser: A system for safely dispensing compressed natural gas into CNG vehicles

    Professional CNG fueling station equipment

    Mobile CNG fueling station offers simple and efficient operation, providing great convenience for refueling your vehicles.

    Exquisite sheet metal processing and welding technology ensure the quality of the Mobile CNG fueling station. The PLC control system is efficient and stable, and the CNG dispenser can achieve a maximum refueling rate of 70 cubic meters per minute, with a measurement error controlled within 0.5%.

    How is the Mobile CNG fueling station transported?

    Its compact design allows it to fit into standard containers, making it possible to be transported by land or sea to every city in the world.

    CNG fuel video

    BlueSky is an expert in the R&D and manufacturing of CNG fueling station equipment


    How to order Mobile CNG fueling station equipment?

    Because CNG fueling equipment is a personalized customized product, the functions of the equipment vary according to the user’s needs, such as: using an IC card, RFID card, or bank card to refill, using a mobile APP for remote monitoring and management, checking data reports, etc. This often requires consultation with the Bluesky development team, modification based on existing equipment, or possible redesign.
    However, this does not prevent us from jointly discussing the sustainable development of CNG equipment and the integration of advanced technologies to make our refueling services more intelligent and convenient.
    So before purchasing, you need to contact us and put forward your needs, and our development team will give you a satisfactory solution.


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