New energy trams versus fuel vehicles

New energy trams VS  fuel vehicles

Before discussing new energy trams and fuel vehicles, two premises are required:

1. Whether there is a charging pile at home or a place to install EV charging piles.

There are fixed parking Spaces at home, charging piles, and night is often an underestimated period, the cost is relatively low, and it does not take up time.

It is very convenient for new energy trams. It saves a lot of time.

Because the current charging speed is still more than one hour, it can not meet the convenience of this condition, I always believe that pure electric vehicles are not a good choice. You do not have a private charging pile, charging costs will be much higher, can not achieve the freedom of driving travel.

If you have a parking space and live in a community that can install charging piles, it is too convenient to make up energy, and you can bid farewell to the days of running gas stations. At present, in big cities, there is no private charging pile, and charging in the surrounding area is already very convenient. Many charging stations are near residential areas, which is much more convenient than running to gas stations.

Based on meeting the convenience of supplementary energy, the advantage of new energy trams in urban use is still quite obvious.

2. Do not buy new energy trams Often run long distances, or only need to run long distances during important holidays.

For example, when driving on the road for a long time, the fuel vehicle refueling time is relatively fast, and charging at the current stage still takes a certain amount of time, which is more time-consuming. And the current penetration rate of charging piles is relatively large. But holidays can be a tough sell.

The above two are used as a main reference condition for buying new energy trams.

new energy trams

3. Let’s talk about the advantages of new energy trams:

The tranquillity of pure electric vehicles:

Now pure electric vehicles get inherent advantages due to powertrain changes, which are the car experience that luxury fuel vehicles have been pursuing.

The smoothness of pure electric vehicles.

Due to the operation of shifting gears in fuel vehicles, the sense of stall becomes inevitable when shifting gears. The old driver who drives the manual has been tempered to reduce this sense of stall as much as possible, which is the ability to show off. The automatic transmission of the fuel car is also a selling point. Luxury cars even claim to do this smooth silky thing to the extreme.

Pure electric vehicle power response fast.

The output characteristics of the motor The normal fuel engine pursues the ultimate ideal model, low-speed constant torque high-speed constant power. Pure electric vehicles can crush fuel vehicles at a very low cost at the corresponding speed.

fuel car

Advantages of fuel vehicles:
Fuel truck is easy to refuel

Fuel trucks are convenient for refueling, have strong endurance, and are widely distributed gas stations, suitable for long-distance travel.

The maintenance cost of fuel vehicles is relatively low compared with trams

The number of oil vehicles is large, the maintenance cost is relatively low, and the technology of oil vehicles is relatively mature. All parts have been repaired for a long time.

The warranty rate of new energy trams is not as good as that of oil vehicles

If you consider the cost of use, then naturally you should take into account the value of the rate, if you take into account the value of the rate, the tram needs to reach a certain number of miles per year to save more than the oil car. The China Automobile Circulation Association and Jingzhen Estimate released an “October 2021 China Auto Warranty Rate Report”, which has data, that the average warranty rate of 3-year-old electric vehicles is 42.9%, and common independent car brands such as Changan, Geely, and other fuel vehicles are generally around 60%.

The above is a comparison of fuel vehicles and new energy trams. How do you choose? You can come according to your own needs!

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