New LNG Skid Mount

LNG skid mount is a kind of equipment that integrates natural gas liquefaction, storage, and transportation. It is mainly composed of an LNG storage tank,

LNG filling device, LNG unloading device, LNG liquid filling machine, and control system. Through the collaborative work of these devices, natural gas storage and transportation are realized.

LNG skid mount equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility, safety, and economy,

and is widely used in fields such as short-distance natural gas transportation and regional distribution.

After more than ten years of development, domestic natural gas technology has been gradually improved. The structure of this equipment has been fully understood,

and it has reached a time when it is no longer possible to optimize it. The entire equipment has been structurally optimized to a very simple bottom,

and Because various private manufacturers have joined this industry, the industry has become more involved, and the prices are higher than the previous ones.

However, no matter how low the core components of the equipment are, unless they are self-developed, they will not be competitive.

Only by providing an unusual structure in the equipment structure can real cost reduction optimization be achieved.

LNG skid structure

In the past few years, various core components such as storage tanks, submersible pumps, and vaporizers have been integrated into one set of equipment, which is integrated skid equipment.

However, it has not fundamentally achieved the goal of truly integrating the storage tank, submersible pump, and vaporizer. It is just that some profiles can be reduced in structure.

LNG skid equipment

As shown in the picture above: It is also based on the integrated skid type for rectification. One less shell can be made, thereby reducing the cost.

This kind of equipment seems to just make the equipment as small as possible, but the cost is still not much less.

Tank top

This is one of our more innovative ideas. As shown in the picture above, we open a manhole in the storage tank,

install the pump pool mouth on the top of the storage tank, and then install the pump pool directly on the top of the storage tank.

However, this design faces several difficulties. For example: the storage tank structure is different, and the design specifications of the pressure vessel must also be considered.

However, after the transformation, the most important components of the equipment have been integrated into the storage tank,

and the appearance of the equipment will be greatly reduced compared to traditional equipment, and its transportation costs will also be reduced accordingly.

Under this structure, its appearance will also be greatly improved. It looks simpler. There is only one storage tank, vaporizer equipment,

and liquid filling machine electronic control. It occupies a smaller area in the LNG filling station. , which can save customers a lot of floor space.

Although the design of such a structure will encounter necessary difficulties, when it is completed, it will provide a lot of convenience to the LNG bunkering industry.

It can also save a lot of costs so that customers and manufacturers can benefit from each other.

Moreover, such a design requires the cooperation of multiple departments to complete.

It is not just the task of one company but will bring new changes to the industry.

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