EV Charging Connector Types

This article will introduce standard EV charging pile interfaces: AC charging pile interfaces and DC charging pile interfaces, and introduce relevant interface technology around the commonly used AC charging interface. Don’t miss it if you want to know! EV charging connector types Standard and parameter of the charging connector Charging method Standard Maximum voltage /V …

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Electronic Counter of Fuel Dispenser

Blue Sky applied to the China National Patent Office for an ultra-low-power intelligent electronic counter patent technology. The counter is one of the essential parts of the fuel dispenser, and most the traditional counter is the mechanical counter. The working principle of the mechanical counter is used to drive the number of connected parts to …

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EV Supercharger Station in China

Recently, the construction of the EV supercharger hem in Tianjin’s high-speed service area has been completed and entered the test stage. This is the first EV supercharger station invested in by China State Grid and established in Tianjin. EV supercharger Technology is a Complete Set of DC Charging System solutions for Electric Vehicles. EV supercharger …

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