OEM/ODM AC EV Charger: Bluesky customizes new models

Bluesky is an experienced EV charger manufacturer offering OEM/ODM services with customization options such as color, logo, cable length, packaging, RFID cards, and specially customized appearances for AC EV chargers. As of now, Bluesky has eight models of EV chargers including home use type, commercial use type, dual-gun type, and socketed type, and has developed two exclusive models of EV chargers for Turkish and Israeli customers, adhering to offering the best customization service to our customers, catering to their various kinds of requirements.

Why customize your model of AC EV charger?

With increased manufacturers stepping into the field of electric car chargers, like the manufacturer of lights, circuit breakers, and so on, the price war is triggered in the field of EV chargers. To optimize your exclusive advantage, you can seek customization, aiming for a model that reflects your aesthetic values, is suitable for specific usage scenarios, and is easy for your target customers to use.

Why cooperate with Bluesky to customize your model of AC EV charger?

Bluesky, with a history of 27 years, has a factory covering 30,000 square meters and more than 220 professional workers as well as 30 R&D departments. We develop our mainboard for AC chargers and always keep updating for specific functions for our customers. Bluesky is a professional AC EV charger manufacturer with CE, FCC, RoHS, and ISO certificates, having exported our AC EV chargers to more than 56 countries. Design your model EV charger with our mainboard and other parts, which is an economical way to develop your unique advantage.

EV Charger Production Process

AC EV charger OEM details

  • Multiple charging connectors: type 2, type 1, GB/T
  • Breathing Lamp indicators
  • Optional Function: wireless Bluetooth CT Clamp Dynamic Load Balance, PEN leakage protection device, MID meter, OCPP1.6J via Ethernet/Wi-Fi/4G
  • Starting method: Plug in and Charge, online and offline RFID card, APP control.
  • Display: Without Display/2.4-inch non-touch screen/4.3-inch non-touch screen/4.3-inch touch screen
  • Tethered type or socketed type
  • Multiple protection to guarantee users’ protection: RCD A +DC6M/RCD B
  • Emergency stop button type: rotation mode or touch mode.
  • We have made a model with a touch mode emergency stop button for one of our customers. But it will be better to use rotation mode since the touch mode button is easily touched by mistake.
  • APP: Home uses the APP” Wow Charge” and commercial APP “Wow Charger”.

For home use apps, users can start charging via Bluetooth connection and adjust current as per demand. To save money, users can schedule charging during off-peak time. APP supports One-timer appointments and periodic timing appointments. We have developed an English version and a Hebrew language version.

For commercial apps, the APP has the function of E-map to find which EV charger nearby is idle. About payment, users can pre-top up the E-wallet in the APP. We have developed an English version and a Russian language version. Bluesky can develop more if customers need it.

AC EV Charger OEM Procedure

After receiving the order from our customer.

  • Suppose customers only want to design their models using our plastic control board. In that case, Bluesky can provide component dimensions including internal PCB, input-output wires, screen, etc., for our customers to design their molds. Bluesky will create a 3D-printed sample based on mechanical drawings for confirmation, followed by bulk production.
  • If customers only want both the appearance of the model and their parts, Bluesky can also design electronic parts for them or integrate them with ours as per customers’ demand.

Display of Bluesky ODM AC EV Charger

  • CDZ-P features a compact size and easy installation.
  • CDZ-O features light strips for added flair.
  • CDZ-L features 2.4-inch display
  • CDZ-PG features socketed type.
  • CDZ-U features a compact size and a 4.3-inch touchscreen
  • CDZ-E features a special gun holster for type 2 connector
  • CDZ-C can be equipped with 2 single-phase charging connectors.
  • CDZ-BG can be equipped with 2 three-phase charging connectors and is made of metal sheets.
Input Voltage (AC) 220Vac±20% 380Vac±20%
Input Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Wires, TNS/TNC compatible 3 wires, L, N, PE 5 wires, L1, L2, L3, N, PE
Output Power
Voltage 220Vac±20% 380Vac±20%
Max Current 32A/16A
Nominal Power 7KW/3.5KW 11KW/22KW
Connectors IEC 62196-2 (Type2/Type1)/GBT
CE Approved Temperature -25℃ to 50℃
Work Temperature -40℃ to 70℃(with heater)
Altitude <2000Mtr.
Humidity <95%, non-condensing
User Interface & Control
Display Without display/2.4 inch/4.3 inch
Language English(optional)
Push Button Emergency Stop
User Authentication RFID card/APP/Plug & charge
Visual Indication Mains Available, Charging Status, System Error
Protection Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, Surge Protection, Over Temperature, Ground Fault, Residual Current, Overload
RCD Type A or Type A+DC 6mA
Charger & Vehicle PWM
Charger & CMS Bluetooth
Ingress Protection IP65/IP55
Enclosure Material ABS+PC
Cooling Air-cooled

Display of Bluesky OEM AC EV Charger

Bluesky OEM


After receiving your inquiry about customized AC EV Chargers, Bluesky will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and provide a quotation. Upon signing the contract, Bluesky will offer samples for confirmation before initiating mass production. Look forward to joining hands with you to develop a unique model of AC charger.

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