Oil sight glass of fuel dispenser

Now many fuel dispensers have serious dirt in the oil sight glass, and some can’t see what it looks like inside.

Many gas station’s oil sight glass has not been cleaned for years. Some gas stations even use iron sheets to replace broken pieces of glass.

Some station managers and maintenance personnel say that its role is not large and is difficult to reseal and install after opening and cleaning. It will even cause oil leakage if it is not good.

So what exactly does the oil sight glass of the dispenser do?

The position and shape

The oil sight glass of the fuel dispenser is located at the junction between the fuel hose and the fuel dispenser, generally in the outer middle of the fuel dispenser.

The shape of such windows is both round and tubular. The round window is larger because it is of moderate height, allowing a clear view of the oil inside.

There are also oil windows set in the upper part of the outside of the fuel dispenser, and the shape of the window is tubular and viewing angle.

It’s good to be able to facilitate the refueler and customers to see from multiple angles.

When refueling, the oil comes out of the fuel dispenser, enters the refueling hose through the oil window,

and then comes out of the refueling nozzle and injects it into the oil receiver.

oil sight glass of fuel dispenser

First, let the refueler observe the color of the oil, and check whether the oil contains gas, moisture, and impurities.

The second is to facilitate customers to check the appearance of the oil and let customers rest assured to refuel.

Therefore, the oil window is not optional, and good use can play a big role.

During the refueling process, if refueling personnel found that the oil contained gas from the oil window, it can be judged that the oil-gas separator of the fuel dispenser has failed.

Gas mixed into the oil product and entering the metering room of the dispenser will cause inaccurate metering. At this point, the refueling should be stopped immediately and the dispenser overhauled.

If moisture or impurities are observed in the oil, it can be judged that there is a problem with the quality of the oil,

and the refueling should be stopped immediately and the water level and oil quality of the oil storage tank should be checked.

oil sight glass

Application of oil sight glass

At present, the oil market is highly competitive. The quality of oil is directly related to the success or failure of merchants in the competition.

Before and during refueling, the refueler should take the initiative to guide customers to inspect the oil in the oil sight glass. It can publicize the quality and guarantee of the oil at the gas station. This creates a good image of the gas station and the company’s brand.

On the contrary, if the oil sight glass is not clear or cannot be seen, and only the black dirt behind the glass is seen,

the customer will suspect that there is a problem with the quality of the oil and distrust. The result is that customers don’t want to refuel, refuel less, or even don’t come back in the future.

Problem-solving of oil sight glass

As for the problem we mentioned earlier that it is difficult to reseal and install the oil window after disassembling and cleaning, it’s solvable. This is because the sealing gasket is easy to damage when disassembling and assembling.

There is no spare original gasket.

In fact, using the right sealing material to make sealing gaskets is really easy for professional maintenance personnel.


Therefore, if you pay attention to and make good use of the oil window,

the oil sight glass can become a management window for oil quality.

This avoids service disputes and even prevents quality or safety incidents.

As the last threshold for testing the quality of refueling, the importance of the oil sight glass is self-evident.

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