China Will Build Solar Charging Stations

Integrated New energy solar  EV charging stations.
This EV charging station relies on the sun on! Make pure electric vehicles truly “zero emission”

New energy vehicles are one of the hot topics of the moment. It is true that pure electric new energy vehicles have “zero emissions”. But everyone may have overlooked an important question – is the power source for charging the car “clean”?

Optical Storage and Charging Integrated EV Charging Station

In order to promote the “dual carbon” strategy, China has been vigorously promoting the market application of “low carbon” or even “zero carbon” power in recent years, and strives to make new energy vehicles “new” more thoroughly.

In China, it is planning to build a batch of solar charging stations for charging new energy vehicles – “optical storage and charging” integrated new energy charging stations, which are expected to be completed and put into use in October 2022.

What is the integration of solar charging stations?

The solar panels on the roof of the charging station are used to generate electricity to charge new energy vehicles.
Considering the current solar energy conversion rate of solar panels and the problem of unbalanced sunlight throughout the year, the new energy charging station has embedded a “solar storage and charging” technology: temporarily storing the unused solar power in the energy storage cabinet, using it at night or in cloudy and rainy days with poor lighting conditions.
If there is still a surplus of photovoltaic power, it can be used for the daily operation of the charging station, and the excess can be directly sold to the State Grid, so as to realize “one power and four uses”.

It is foreseeable that if such a “0” cost charging station is built, the charging cost will definitely be lower than the current electricity price. At the same time, the operating cost of the charging station will be greatly reduced.
Of course, its greater significance is to take responsibility for the implementation of emission reduction and the “dual carbon” strategy.

Bluesky DC EV charger

The first phase of the model station will be equipped with new energy vehicle parking spaces and EV charging piles.
Among them, the fast-charging charging pile is suitable for most pure electric vehicles, with a charging capacity of 80% in half an hour; there is also an over-charging charging pile, which can be charged up to 80% in 10-15 minutes, and is suitable for a small number of equipment currently on the market—high-power electric vehicles carrying batteries.

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