Optimizing gas filling stations: efficient and safe gas filling solutions

Gas filling stations play a key role in providing convenient and efficient refueling for vehicles.

These gas filling stations use advanced gas filling machines equipped with electronic control systems to ensure a precise and safe gas supply.

This article explores the functions, operations, and more of gas stations, emphasizing the importance of safety.

gas filling stations

1. Advanced functions of the gas dispenser

Automated control:

The gas dispenser’s electronic control system is seamlessly integrated with the computer system to provide an automatic display of gas volume and cost.

Preset Functions:

The dispenser is equipped with preset functions for amount and volume, allowing users to set predetermined values for a more efficient and controlled refilling experience.

Automatic Shutdown:

To prevent overfilling, these machines have an automatic shutdown feature when the gas tank reaches capacity. In addition, setting a timeout mechanism ensures automatic shutdown if gas is not refilled within a specified period.

Data persistence:

After a power outage, the gas dispenser data can be saved for a long time, and it also has a re-display function after a power outage to ensure the reliability of the data.

Recent gas filling data query:

The gas filling machine can store and display the latest 10 gas filling data to facilitate user verification.

Statistical function:

The gas dispenser can count the cumulative gas refueling value and summarize the cumulative value during the shift to achieve full automation of management.

Automatic fault detection:

The gas dispenser has an automatic fault detection function and can automatically display fault codes, which improves the stability of the equipment.

Communication capability:

Able to communicate with other devices, and can choose a variety of communication methods to achieve information sharing and linkage.

Backend management system and IC card operation:

The gas filling machine can be equipped with a backend management system and IC card operating system to enable more intelligent management of the gas station.

Multi-form interface support:

It can refill gas vehicles with different forms of interfaces, which improves the scope of the application.

Safety protection function:

It has a pull-off protection function to ensure that the air gun is safely detached and sealed when the car accidentally tows it away.

Current-limiting protection:

It has a current-limiting protection function to ensure the safety of gas filling.

Temperature compensation:

It has an automatic temperature compensation function and can query and adjust the temperature compensation value.

Ultra-fine filtration:

Equipped with an ultra-fine filtration system to ensure the service life of important components of the gas dispenser.

Flow device:

Equipped with a reflux device to facilitate debugging of the whole machine and improve operation convenience.

Reasonable structure:

The whole machine has a reasonable structure, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, and reduces maintenance costs.

Rich-function keyboard:

The keyboard has rich operations and can complete the settings and queries of a variety of programs, making the user experience more friendly.

LPG dispenser

2. Use and operation of gas dispenser

Power on:

The power supply (220V, 50Hz) of the gas dispenser control system is provided by the gas dispenser. After the gas dispenser is powered, the system automatically starts for initialization and self-testing.

Setting operation:

Set the unit price, density, proportion coefficient, pulse coefficient, decimal point, gear, time, and other parameters through the keyboard to ensure the accuracy and flexibility of the gas dispenser.

Preset operation:

Supports preset functions for amount and gas filling volume, allowing users to flexibly control the gas filling process.

Gas filling operation:

Remove the gas-filling gun, connect it to the car fluid storage tank, turn on the gas-filling machine switch, and press the key on the gas-filling machine keyboard to perform the gas-filling operation.

After the filling is completed, turn off the air-filling gun switch and remove the air-filling gun.

Gas filling accuracy adjustment:

According to the actual gas filling situation, adjust the proportion coefficient and pulse coefficient to ensure the accuracy of gas filling.

3. Conclusion

Through reasonable design and advanced technology, gas dispensers play a key role in gas station operations.

It improves the accuracy and safety of gas filling and provides users with a more convenient and efficient gas filling experience.

The installation and use of gas filling stations require strict compliance with relevant regulations and standards to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of users.

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