Phoenix Series Fuel Dispenser From BlueSky

As we introduced before, Bluesky has many customers from all over the world. Most of them agreed that a station with better-looking dispensers means more drive-ins. According to this, Bluesky designed this new model——the Phoenix series fuel dispenser.

Phoenix series fuel dispenser

The first sample dispenser for the Phoenix series is the four-fuel nozzle type. Unlike the previous models, we use a unique wave-shaped top box design to attract drivers’ attention.

fuel dispenser top box

And it is the first time for us to use the inclined panels, it can improve display visibility making it more convenient for the driver sitting inside a vehicle.

We use the big size display for the Phoenix series fuel dispenser which shows the bold letters with a bright backlight. This type of display integrates money, volume, and unit price for each refueling, which is convenient for drivers to view.

Gasoline pump panel

After measurement, we choose a certain height for the nozzle booth and keyboard,

which is convenient for the station staff to do the operations.

The keyboard we choose for Phoenix is with the preset button. That you can stock four different preset amounts for each keyboard. Like, 10L,20L,30L, and 40L, will reduce the staff’s operating time and greatly speed up work efficiency.

The dispenser has a double nozzle of double oil products for each side. That means could do refueling for four vehicles at the same time.

The internal design of this dispenser adopts the latest technology currently from Bluesky. For the controllers, we have updated the protocol,

which means the Phoenix dispenser can not only contact with Bluesky Management system but also the DOMS, Fusion, and PTS systems.

The chip of the mainboard supports online upgrades,

and the software upgrade only needs a handheld to complete the operation, with no need to replace any spare parts.

Phoenix series petrol bowsers

Regarding the design of the mechanical part, we are based on an ergonomic design,

which is convenient for engineers to carry out regular maintenance inspections and parts replacement.

We also added the function spare parts for the Phoenix.

The breakaway valve will be disconnected when the vehicle forgets to pull the nozzle and suddenly leaves,

ensuring the safety of the dispenser and preventing leakage.

The sight glass will show the liquid flowing into the hose for staff,

which can make them discover the empty-going situation of the dispenser in time and reduce the waste of time.

The emergency button could cut off the electricity for this dispenser immediately if any emergency situation happened.

This is the introduction to the Bluesky Phoenix series fuel dispenser. If you need more details please contact us.

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