Plastic Bottle Recycling Plan

The plastic bottle is not the garbage that is currently

Every day, each of us produces a certain amount of garbage, and some people say that garbage is a resource that is misplaced.

Around us, there are many things that can be recycled and discarded at will, losing their own potential to generate value again.

Discarded plastic bottle

Among them, plastic bottles, beverage bottles, waste paper, and other reusable resources can be seen everywhere around us.

Suppose we gather these “resources” and turn waste into treasure while promoting the scientific concept of development.

In that case, we can also enjoy the fun of low-carbon life and protect the environment we live in together!

Bluesky  “Green Environmental Protection Group” Plastic Bottle Recycling Plan

Bluesky Family Culture – “Green Environmental Protection Group” hopes that through this plastic bottle recycling activity, all employees of the company will develop a good habit of cherishing resources, making full use of the resources around us, and protecting our environment.

At the same time, we will also give the collected plastic bottles to the sanitation workers, giving a piece of love.

At 16 pm yesterday, the “Green Environmental Protection Group” conducted a plastic bottle recycling activity in front of the first floor of the office building.

Bluesky Plastic bottle recycling plan

During the event, exchange small gifts of different values based on the number of donated plastic bottles.

Plastic bottle recycling Exchange gift

Plastic bottle exchange gift

Continuous plan

After this activity, the “Green Environmental Protection Group” will also carry out a follow-up plastic bottle recycling plant

Place a plastic bottle recycling bucket opposite the tea room on the second floor of the workshop.

Place a plastic bottle recycling bucket in the dormitory living area for regular recycling.

Plastic bottle recycling barrel

Activity concept of Bluesky “Green Environmental Protection Group”:

The earth’s resources are minimal, so try not to use disposable consumables.

Garbage is a resource misplaced.

Protect the environment and be a citizen of the times.

Bluesky is committed to the safety and efficiency of energy refueling, providing you with customized equipment for gas stations, LPG/LNG/CNG stations, and charging stations

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