Portable fuel station installation precautions

The portable fuel station is one of Bluesky’s best-selling products. Many foreign customers choose to install it by themselves. Some problems may arise during the installation process. Today I will tell you what you should pay attention to when installing the portable fuel station.

1. Before installation, confirm whether the portable fuel station base can bear the weight of the skid (the weight of the skid + the weight of the oil product).

container fuel station base

2. Inspection of pumps, pipes, valves and seals:

1)Check whether all valve switches are flexible. If they are stuck or severely rusted, they must be replaced.

valve switch

2)Replace the filter in the oil dispenser.

Oil dispenser filter

3)Check whether the sealing gasket is rusty or severely corroded and must be replaced. The rubber gasket must be replaced if it has not been used for over 2 years.

Check gasket

4)Turn on the power and start the submersible oil pump to see if it can operate normally.

Start the submersible pump

5)Power on and check whether the unloading pump and oil dispenser can operate normally.

Check the unloading pump and oil dispenser

3. Check that the float of the liquid level probe moves up and down flexibly and that the float cannot be broken. Check whether the breathing valve is blocked.

Check level probe

4. Check whether the paint on the outside of the skid is intact and whether there is any rust or corrosion.

Check the appearance of the skid body

5. Check whether there is water accumulation or rust in the tank, and clean the inside of the tank.

Check inside the tank

6. Check whether the wires are cracked or aged and whether the power supply voltage and phase sequence are normal.

Check the wires

7. Check whether the fire extinguisher is within the validity period and the pressure is normal.

Check fire extinguisher

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