Portable Gas Station With a Positioning Function

Bluesky has rich experience in producing portable gas stations and gas station management systems. The company has exported more than 5,000 mini gas stations to Africa and South America, and more than 2,000 gas stations are using the company’s management system.

Portable gas station

Main functions:

(1)  A variety of refueling modes: fixed liters, fixed amount refueling, random refueling, and rounded refueling, which enables automatic refueling Chemical aid, improves work efficiency, small size, and strong mobility.

(2) Safety protection function: explosion-proof design, leakage protection, overload protection, liquid level high and low alarm interlock protection. (optional)

(3) GPS positioning and liquid level detection function: remote early warning of low liquid level, intuitive and accurate display of liquid level and volume. (optional)

(4) Fast payment: IC card, simple and fast operation, convenient system data management.

(5)  Safe automatic offline function: When there is a problem with the network or other failures, it can work offline and automatically store the data offline: when the network system is restored, it will upload the data and resume the working state.

(6)  Automation of information collection: Intelligent management system, automatically upload transaction data.

Appearance structure:

Portable gas station design

1. Oil sight   2. Oil gun seat   3. Breathing valve   4. Oil inlet   5. Electronic control system   6. Flow meter 7. Motor

GPRS positioning communication introduction (optional function)

The main parameters:

Wireless standard: GSM/GPRS

Standard frequency band: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ four-band

Transmitting power: GSM900 class4 (2W)

DCS1800 Class 1 (1W)

GPS accuracy: less than 200 meters

Probe accuracy: 0.1mm

(1) The system is installed on the server and communicates with the fuel dispenser and storage tank gauging system through GPRS.

(2) The system can receive real-time data provided by each tanker on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

(3) Even if it is not working, it can find the fuel dispenser anytime and anywhere.

(4) It can also print some data, reports, online reports and analyses, online pump management history, and so on. All reports can also be checked online.

(5) It can also check the fuel level in each fuel tank in real-time, even if the tanker is not working, it will receive an alarm when the fuel level is seriously low.

Portable gas station advantage:

Convenience: It does not require a large area of ​​land, and is usually located in a location with convenient transportation and convenient refueling.

Flexibility: small scale, flexible location. This can be on the outskirts of cities, in rural areas, or in places with low population densities.

Economical: Compared with large gas stations, the construction and operation costs are lower.

Response to specific needs: Can target specific market segments or special needs.

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