Portable Mini Gas Filling Station

1. What is Portable Mini Gas Filling Station?

The explosion-proof skid-mounted portable mini gas filling station is a set of equipment such as a blocking explosion-proof oil storage tank,

fuel dispenser, liquid level meter, etc. And lightning protection and anti-static device.

At the same time, there is a high-temperature emergency cut-off protection valve on the oil inlet pipeline of the tanker.

The overall structure of the device is reasonable, suitable for gasoline and diesel, easy to maintain, and can meet different oil injection methods.

Its flame-retardant and explosion-proof effect is good, and the heat radiation is small. When it encounters fire, impact, welding, and other unexpected situations, the flame height is low,

and the fire can be quickly extinguished without explosion; it is not affected by changes in internal and external conditions;

it can effectively suppress The oil and gas in the storage tank is volatilized.

And has the functions of primary oil and gas recovery and secondary oil and gas recovery.

It is equipped with an emergency oil discharge port joint in case of temporary power failure.

And the cathode protection can slow down the corrosion of the inner wall of the oil storage tank and prolong the service life of the oil storage tank.

The compact structure is easy to move as a whole.

With an external solar power storage device, when the portable mini gas filling station is powered off,

you can use the solar battery and continue to use the manual refueling mode, or you can view the current and previous 9 refueling records, total accumulation, etc.

min skid

The portable mini gas filling station is manufactured with advanced technology and high-quality materials.

Configuration-related factory inspection report, quality certification, certificate of conformity, pressure test report, technical manual, operation manual, installation manual, maintenance manual,

special tools, other quality inspection procedures certification documents, and other materials required by the purchaser.

Moreover, the device complies with its China AQ 3001-2005 “Technical Requirements for Barrier Explosion-Proof Storage Tanks for Automobile Refueling (Gas) Stations,

“Light Fuel and LPG Tankers” and AQ 3002-2005 “Barrier Explosion-Proof Skid-mounted Refueling (Gas) Device” Technical Requirements”,

GB50156-2014 “Design and Construction Specifications for Automobile Refueling Stations”,

JB4735-1997 “Steel Welded Atmospheric Pressure Vessels” and SH/T 3134 “Technical Specifications for Gas Stations Using Skid-mounted Refueling Devices”.

The “Product Factory Certificate” and technical data (such as drawings, technical descriptions,

operation manuals, user guides, maintenance guides or service manuals, etc.

2. Application of Portable Mini Gas Filling Station

Can be hoisted as a whole and can be installed at one time. It is simple and convenient to install.

It is a high-tech product that is safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and has all the functions of small and medium-sized gas stations.

The device is widely used in driving schools, urban central areas, and residential communities.

fixed or temporary gas stations such as bus parking plants, highways, exhibition centers, logistics centers, towns, rural areas, construction sites, etc.

portable mini gas filling station

3. What can Bluesky Offer?

Bluesky has experience to produce portable mini gas filling stations and Station Management systems.
It has exported more than 5000 sets of mini fuel stations to Asia, Africa,

and South America, and over 2,000 stations are using Bluesky’s Management system.

mini gas station

MINI gas station

Portable Mini Gas Filling Station in the Philippines


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