Private gas stations: Intelligent gas station management system

Why do we need a smart gas station management system?

The price war is the main way for all gas stations to compete, especially private gas stations. Due to the lack of management and technical support, they can only adopt price reduction as the only means of promotion.

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The main reasons are as follows:

1. The market is sluggish, and various finished oil retail enterprises are competing for interests

2. Many private gas stations are unwilling to invest in business management, technology, and services, or simply do not know the effective competition method of the management system, so they can only adopt the price war method that works in the short term

3. Most private gas stations lack diversified value-added services and products to retain customers, so customers only pay attention to the oil prices of gas stations and are easily attracted by low-priced competitors.

4. Once the price war price difference space is narrowed, some gas stations will shortchange to increase benefits, which will eventually lead to customers losing trust in gas stations and causing an industry crisis.

Therefore, the price war seems to be effective in the short term, but it will cause most private gas stations to lag in technology and management, which will seriously affect the development of the gas station industry.

Private gas stations can only improve efficiency, reduce costs, achieve diversified development, and improve competitiveness through technology upgrades and system management.

Bluesky gas station management system provides comprehensive technical support and overall solutions for private gas stations. It uses the management system to analyze effectively and mine gas station data, improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs, and realize smart gas stations.

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Features of Bluesky gas station management system:

1. Stability, compatibility, and sustainable development

2. It is not only applicable to one gas station but also can be used through the backend cloud to set up a general server to achieve joint operation of countless gas stations, meet the unified management of gas station owners, and facilitate customers to refuel across stations and regions.

3. Provide diversified payment options: RFID, POS, bank cards, and other payment methods to increase customer stickiness

4. Remote real-time monitoring of gas station operations, tank reserve information, data query, etc.

Ordinary gas station operation system

Bluesky gas station management system helps private gas stations achieve refined management from the following aspects:

1. Change the management mode of private gas stations and realize the systematization, informatization, and dramatization of gas stations

Most traditional gas stations are prone to lack of management, resulting in the boss not being able to obtain the real purchase, sales, inventory, and cash register data of the gas station in real-time, and even more unable to supervise the real data;

the workload of employees is complicated, not only to refuel but also to count manual reports, which consumes time and energy.

Customers who want to expand the number of gas stations or have already opened several gas stations, need to frequently run around the gas stations. In the absence of a fully functional management system, they can only rely on increasing manpower input to strengthen management,

but they cannot solve the problem of low management efficiency, increase management and operation costs, and make management loopholes more prominent.

Therefore, the Bluesky gas station management system helps private gas stations change their management model through systematization, informatization, and dramatization, improve efficiency, and solve all problems in one stop.

2. Change the fragmentation of data collection at private gas stations

Gas stations generate a large amount of complex, huge, and closely related data every day. Many gas stations will install independent IC card systems, points systems, gas station management systems, and oil tank monitoring systems.

The systems are independent of each other and data is not shared, which makes management more complicated and does not achieve true systematic management.

However, the Bluesky gas station management system will display all the above data in one system.

The data of gas stations, oil tanks, oil products, oil guns, customers, etc. are related and shared to avoid duplication of work and solve the fragmentation problem technically.

3. Help gas stations formulate and improve marketing plans

According to the different needs of different groups of customers, adopt differentiated marketing plans to develop new customers and increase the stickiness of old customers.

According to the consumption characteristics of different customers, carry out precise marketing.

When encountering price wars among peers on time, the system conducts a comprehensive analysis of customers. Implement differentiated marketing with one customer and one price, maximize the system’s value, and increase core revenue.

4. Help gas stations increase loss management

The loss of oil products can be divided into three parts: loss in transportation, loss in retail, and loss in tank cleaning. We collect these data through the system for analysis to reduce cost losses.

Bluesky gas station management system is scalable and is constantly updating customized system functions. It continues to improve refined management for gas stations, reduce costs for gas stations, reduce human and financial investment, and improve final benefits.

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