Product introduction of skid-mounted mobile refueling device

1. What is a skid-mounted gas station?

It is a removable overall refueling device that is fully integrated with safety facilities such as oil tanks and refueling machines.

The barrier-proof and explosion-proof refueling equipment that can be moved as a whole is directly processed and manufactured by the manufacturer.

An integrated refueling equipment with all equipment placed on the ground.

Mobile Fuel Station

2. Product advantages:

“Bluesky skid-mounted gas station” is a high-tech, explosion-suppressing, mobile, “micro gas station” independently developed and produced by our company.”

“Micro gas station” adopts a large number of advanced technologies and products, modular design, and the entire station is integrated,

such as just like a refrigerator and color TV, it can be used at home. You can move it wherever you want.

It is widely used in a variety of filling environments and meets the needs of most people.

Count customers with fuel supply and demand needs. In addition to the basic functions of traditional gas stations, “micro gas stations” also have:

◆Solve the storage and filling problems of “alcohol fuel”, kerosene, and other fuels similar to finished gasoline and diesel;

◆Intrinsically safe – no explosion, small burning flame of fuel in the tank;

◆Small size – a single unit covers an area of only 15 to 30 square meters;

◆Energy saving and environmental protection – less oil and gas volatilization, less loss, and does not pollute the environment;

◆Short construction period – if conditions are sufficient, it can be completed in three to five days;

◆Value preservation – move to another betting site without loss of value;

3. Internal structure:

Internal structure

4. Main technical parameters:

model 50m³ single-oil diesel skid-mounted mobile refueling device, with a built-in double-nozzle refueling machine
Adapt to temperature -10℃~+55℃
tank capacity 5~50m³, single warehouse, inner tank Q235B steel plate is 6.0mm, outer box steel plate is 3.0mm
Applicable media Diesel, gasoline
Measuring accuracy ±0.3%
flow rate 40, 70L/min±5L
power supply AC380V, AC220V, DC12V, DC24V
oil pipe Double gun oiler 10 meters hose with reel

5. Main configuration:

1) Main components: high-precision flow meter (500W liters without adjustment),

silent gear pump, 11A 1-inch self-sealing Oil nozzle, intelligent computer controller with IC card and system,

receipt printing, voice broadcast, 2-inch rehydration pump, with Bluesky high-precision liquid level meter,

the tank body is made of a 6.0 carbon steel plate,

the outer box is made of a 3mm thick carbon steel plate,

and the surface is sprayed with three layers of paint.

2) Safety configuration: skid-mounted intelligent control linkage system, emergency stop device,

electrostatic release device, equipped with fire retardant and breathable the device,

emergency pressure relief device, automatic fire extinguishing device, and double-layer tank leakage monitoring device.

3) Comes with 4G wireless data transmission, Bluesky IoT cloud management system,

and supports mobile phone installation security status reminders, remote recharge,

mobile phone query transaction data and reports, and other functions.

6. Basic configuration table:

Part Name Specifications (model) unit Double warehouse quantity Single warehouse quantity
Explosion-proof storage tank 50 cubic meter double storage oil tank    pieces 1 1
Explosion-proof materials AQ3002-2005 stipulates type IV materials, explosion-proof pressurization is less than 4%, filling density is 27/m³   m³ tank volume
Lightning protection and anti-static sled Setting up the static grounding device TX30-QZ    pieces 1 1
Oil unloading system Vertical explosion-proof oil pump, flow rate 30M/hour, lift 20M, can be used in both forward and reverse directions, the motor is explosion-proof (dII), the protection grade is IP55/pipe diameter DN80, the oil discharge port quick connector DN80 self-sealing ball valve    pieces 1 1
Shockproof hose DN800.25Mpa    pieces 1 1
Liquid level measurement system
Blue Sky liquid level meter, equipped with 2 intelligent magnetostrictive probe rods,

measuring range 0.5-3m, measurement error ±1mm,

with LCD display, temperature monitoring function,

high liquid level alarm, and low liquid level alarm functions.

   set 1 1
Closed loading and unloading system The quick connector of the oil discharge port adopts DN80 self-sealing ring valve;    pieces 1 1
Oil delivery system DN40 oil outlet pipe, equipped with maintenance protection device    pieces 2 2
Emergency cutting device DN40 emergency shut-off valve, normally open type, automatically cuts off oil in case of fire or emergency    pieces 2 2
Backflow prevention system Prevent the oil from flowing back into the unloading pipeline after unloading, ensuring the safety of the oil unloading process while also protecting hygiene.    pieces 1 1
Explosion-proof and fire-retardant breathing valve Breathing valve working positive pressure 2kpa-3kpa, working negative pressure 1.5kpa-2kpa/ZFQ-1 C level    pieces 2 1
Oil and gas alarm system
With concentration display and sound and light alarm functions, installed in the refueling workplace or unloading pump valve room, sound intensity ≥90 (DB), Explosion-proof mark ExdⅡBT4, protection grade IP65.    pieces 1 1
Anti-static system Includes an electrostatic grounding alarm, an aluminum alloy electrostatic clamp connected to the oil dump truck (3 meters of wire at the ground end, 4 meters of wire at the clamp end), 4 ground copper braided wires, and 4 ground electrodes (make sure the ground resistance is <4Q)    pieces 1 1
Oil leakage detection device Float explosion-proof sensor, tank leakage can be quickly detected    pieces 1 1
Manual oil measuring system It is used to regularly calibrate the accuracy of the electronic liquid level gauge. It can also detect the volume of oil in the tank when the electronic liquid level gauge fails or is powered off.    pieces 2 1
Automatic fire extinguishing system Ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing agent is filled with an appropriate amount of driving gas nitrogen. Its technical performance complies with GA78-94 standards. The nozzle of the device is equipped with a temperature-sensitive glass nozzle. The starting temperature is 68°C.    pieces 1 1
Emergency pressure relief device
When the internal pressure is too high and the breathing valve can no longer effectively reduce the pressure, the emergency pressure relief device will explode and play a rapid role. Rapid pressure reduction effect, air output 7000m³/Min    pieces 1 1
Power supply system Explosion-proof distribution box BXMD-80, 380V incoming power supply, all circuit systems of the equipment are explosion-proof and effectively grounded    pieces 1 1
Anti-overflow system The oil inlet system and the skid-mounted intelligent control system are comprehensively linked and have the function of alarming once for oil unloading exceeding the limit and stopping oil for the second time exceeding the limit.    set 1 1
Lighting system Explosion-proof ceiling lamp, integrated design, explosion-proof mark ExeⅡT4    pieces 1 1
Cleaning device A cleaning port is reserved to clean the tank as a whole while ensuring the overall explosion-proof performance.    set 2 1
Safety auxiliary facilities
The tank is equipped with a ladder and a steel pipe guardrail is used at the top.    set 1 1
Primary oil and gas recovery system Standard oil and gas recovery connector    set 1 1
Shutter doors Installation of hollow aluminum alloy rolling shutter door in operation compartment    set 1 1
Anti-corrosion measures The entire equipment is sandblasted, and the exterior is sprayed with three layers of paint: 80-micron epoxy zinc-rich primer, epoxy mica iron middle paint, and polyurethane topcoat.    set 1 1
Oil dispenser IC card dual-pump and dual-gun oil dispenser, 4G wireless data transmission, flow rate about 65L, 12-meter hose with 1-inch self-sealing oil nozzle    tower 1 1

7. Application areas:

It can be widely used in fixed or temporary gas stations in urban central areas, residential communities,

large parking lots, highways, convention and exhibition centers, ports, docks, towns, and rural areas;

it is especially suitable as a filling and storage facility for internal motor vehicle refueling in enterprises.

such as refueling vehicles of bus companies, transportation companies, taxi companies, large enterprises, large construction sites, etc.

8. Installation requirements:

1) An explosion-proof device should be installed in the oil tank of the skid-mounted refueling device. When the explosion-proof device adopts a barrier explosion-proof device,

the selection and installation should be in accordance with the current industry standard“Technical Requirements for Barrier-proof Skid-Mounted Automobile Refueling (Gas) Devices”)

AQ 3002 Provisions are enforced.

2) The skid-mounted refueling device should use a double-layer steel oil tank.

3) The gasoline equipment of the skid-mounted refueling device should adopt an oil unloading and refueling oil and gas recovery system.

4) Double-walled oil tanks should use testing instruments or other facilities to monitor leakage in the space between the inner tank,

and the outer tank, and ensure that the inner tank leakage can be detected at any part of the outer tank.

5) The gasoline tank of the skid-mounted refueling device should be equipped with a protective cover or heat insulation measures.

6) A protective enclosure or oil leakage collection pool should be installed around the skid-mounted refueling device. The effective capacity of the protective enclosure or oil leakage collection pool should not be exceeded.

Should be less than 50% of the total tank capacity. Protective enclosures or oil spill collection systems should also be constructed of non-combustible solid materials and should not leak.

9. Product advantages:

1. Production process advantages
Project Bluesky Other brands Illustrate
Material selection for inner tank, outer tank, and skid body The storage tank is the main oil storage equipment of the comb refueling device and is made of a double-walled steel tank (Q235B). The wall thickness of the inner cylinder oil storage tank is 6 mm, the head thickness is 0.1 mm, and the design pressure is 0.1Mpa: the head is selected according to the design standards. The head and the cylinder are double-sided welded by butt joints, and the back is cleaned. After welding, 10% radiographic flaw detection is performed. Detection: The outer wall thickness of the pry is 3 mm. The frame of the damaged body is welded together with high-strength 6 mm thick square steel. The thickness of the steel is not up to standard, the tank body is not strong enough, the welding is not strong, there is no radiographic flaw detection, and the service life is short. Our company’s products are produced and inspected strictly in accordance with AQ3002-2005 and SH/T3134 industry standards
Piping design Both the oil inlet pipeline and the oil outlet pipeline adopt an upward-turning pipeline design. Head opening directly 1. The oil inlet pipe adopts an upward-turning pipeline, which can effectively prevent the oil from scouring the bottom of the tank, thereby avoiding the generation of static electricity             2. The oil outlet pipe adopts an upward-turning pipeline,

which can reduce the amount of oil discharge compared with directly opening the hole through the head.

The impact of oil on the flow meter ensures the accuracy of the flow meter, thereby avoiding losses caused by inaccurate measurements of the flow meter

Explosion-proof materials
Made of hot-rolled customized aluminum alloy material and a secondary quenching process The raw materials are made of scrap aluminum.

The materials are not up to standard due to substandard craftsmanship,

which causes them to be easily deformed and broken, contaminating the oil,

and causing the pumps, meters, valves, and oil circuit systems to become cold and unable to play an explosion-proof role.

Our company’s explosion-proof materials have good ductility,

are not easy to deform and break,

and have no impact on oil quality.

Thermal protection and explosion-proof materials Use thermal protection and explosion-proof materials for methanol tanks No technical measures Since methane is corrosive to aluminum, our company uses thermal protection and explosion-proof materials for methane tanks. This material wraps the inner tank as a whole. When the ambient temperature rises above 1400C, the temperature inside the tank does not rise more than 20°C.
Paint process
The steel plate of the tank is sandblasted shot blasted,

and sprayed with epoxy zinc-rich anti-rust primer > epoxy zinc-rich middle paint and polyurethane topcoat.

Different paint processes can be selected according to the climate and environment of different regions.

It has ultraviolet protection in plateau areas.

anti-salt and anti-acid properties in coastal areas

No surface treatment is performed on the tank,

and only one or two layers of ordinary paint are sprayed,

which will easily fall off in a short period of time, causing the tank body to rust.

The paint technology used by our company can make the paint more adhering and less likely to fall off, and the paint film thickness meets the requirements of AQ3002-2005
Cleaning channel Set up special cleaning sewage channels There is no such technology or only a partition is made under the tank Sealed sewage discharge can be realized without affecting the tank capacity, ensuring oil quality and reducing environmental pollution.
2. Configuration advantages
Project Bluesky Other brands Illustrate
Oil dispenser
Use Lanneng’s own brand of fuel dispenser Use gas pumps produced by some unknown manufacturers or refurbished and assembled gas pumps by yourself. The branded tankers used by our company have complete qualifications, accurate tax control and measurement, and are zero-fault gear pumps. We also have after-sales service personnel covering all provinces and cities across the country. The after-sales service can respond online within 24 hours and arrive at on-site service within 36 hours. Does not affect the normal use of the device
Oil unloading pump The manufacturer specified a product developed for our company, a silent oil unloading pump specially designed for skid-mounted refueling devices. Use an ordinary oil unloading pump with a small flow rate and loud noise, which has a high failure rate. The oil unloading pump used by our company has the advantages of small pressure fluctuation, low noise, high efficiency, and long life.
Skid-mounted explosion-proof intelligent control system
It adopts an integrated explosion-proof electrical box, integrating switch, and explosion-proof control system:

rated voltage 380V, three-phase five-wire, rated power 15KW, including explosion-proof distribution box,

all cables, casings, anti-corrosion accessories,

and intelligent linkage control of the main power supply, control of the oil unloading pump,

cabin lighting, tanker, liquid level system, and gas alarm electrostatic grounding.

This system is the industry’s first invention and patented product.

Adopt split explosion-proof electrical box Quick operation, good explosion-proof performance, and higher safety performance.
Liquid level gauge It adopts a well-known domestic brand magnetostrictive liquid level meter with a measuring range of 0.3-3 meters and a measurement error of plus or minus 0.01. The digital display and image simultaneously display the oil inventory and temperature and have high and low-level alarm functions. The liquid level meter reaches the upper limit and automatically Turns off the oil unloading pump Adopt an eddy current liquid level meter and only rely on oil float to measure liquid level height and transmission The liquid level gauges used by our company all display digital displays and images at the same time. Compared with oil floats, the display accuracy is higher, and the magnetostrictive liquid level gauge has a longer sensor life and higher accuracy than the eddy current level gauge.
Overall hoisting Equipped with 4 pairs of container-specific lifting lugs that have undergone stress analysis Iron plate welding lifting lugs During the hoisting process, the force is evenly distributed, which will not deform the tank and protect the installed oil dispenser and other accessories from displacement.
3. Qualification advantage
Project Bluesky Other brands Illustrate
Explosion-proof certificate for stick-mounted mobile refueling device Issued by the National Special Inspection Institute, with up to 14 testing items No relevant test report or affiliation The report is more authoritative and complete
Measurement Guarantee Confirmation Certificate Blue energy refueling machine model evaluation certificate Use other fuel dispenser manufacturers The stick-type refueling device and the refueling machine are metering equipment that require type evaluation before they can be produced.
Special equipment manufacturing license Have Class A and B pressure vessel manufacturing licenses, GC Producing without a license or relying on someone else’s qualifications The latest revision of industry-standard SH/T3134 requires a pressure vessel manufacturing license
4. Management system advantages
Project Bluesky Other brands Illustrate
Bluesky Cloud Management System Independent software intellectual property rights, soft patents, the first skid-mounted cloud management system in China, supporting IC cards, 4G Internet of Things, and Beidou global positioning, opening up the upstream and downstream ecological sales channels of refined oil, making the refined oil business easier and simpler. Apply gas station management system The industry’s first skid-mounted dedicated system that integrates security, measurement, and IoT into an integrated big data management platform.
5. Meet individual needs
Project Bluesky Other brands Illustrate
Hardware and software customization Hardware and software are independently developed and produced to meet the personalized needs of customers around the world. The product category is single and cannot be customized by customers.
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