Gas dispenser processing power comes from solar

1. Sustainable energy

Usually, the power required for factory production comes from the national grid. Bluesky is a professional company that manufactures gas dispensers. It is forward-looking on the way to using sustainable energy. The company has used solar photovoltaic power generation in factories to support gas station equipment products. Production.

With the rapid development of China’s economy today, energy consumption has increased significantly, and energy and environmental constraints on sustainable development have become more and more serious. Therefore, the full development of renewable energy utilization technology has become an important measure to reduce environmental pollution, and it is also an inevitable choice to ensure the security of China’s energy supply and sustainable development.

photovoltaic power generation

Among various renewable energy power generation applications, solar distributed photovoltaic power generation has become an important power generation method, which has the advantages of being non-polluting, sustainable, large total volume, wide distribution, and diverse utilization forms.

2. Measures adopted by Bluesky

Bluesky proactively responded to the national energy-saving and carbon-reduction policy by setting up 600 KW photovoltaic distributed power generation to supply the production of daily gas dispensers, fuel dispensers, EV chargers, and other refueling products. The surplus electricity can also be integrated into the national grid to increase revenue for Bluesky.

Under China’s strictest energy efficiency constraints to promote energy-saving and carbon-reduction policies in high-energy-consuming industries, although Bluesky’s factory is a national high-tech high-quality enterprise, it has not suffered from power outages, and even so, Bluesky can guarantee the delivery period of customer orders.

Monthly power generation of Bluesky 60KW photovoltaic power station in 2021


bluesky photovoltaic power generation


bluesky photovoltaic power generation

Bluesky employees clean the solar panels from time to time to maintain the best photovoltaic power generation efficiency

The daily power generation can satisfy the production and office of gas dispensers, EV chargers, and other products.

Gas dispenser Sheet metal processing

Gas equipment processing

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Gas dispenser Electronic control circuit board test

Gas dispenser test

3. The effect of Bluesky energy saving and emission reduction

Bluesky solar photovoltaic power generation average annual power generation capacity of 854,100kWh

Energy-saving and emission-reduction calculation
category Annual fuel consumption (tons of standard coal) Average annual power generation (MWh)
The thermal power generation system 307 854
The photovoltaic power generation system 0 854
Annual energy saving 307 854


Emission reduction effects of major air pollutants
Annual average emission reduction Life Cycle Emissions (25 years)
CO2(t/a) SO2(t/a) TSP(t/a) CO2(t/a) SO2(t/a) TSP(t/a)
851.5 25.6 232.3 21288.4 640.6 5807.9

Note: For every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity saved, 0.36 kg of standard coal will be saved, and pollution emissions will be reduced by 0.272 kg of carbon dust, 0.997 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2), 0.03 kg of sulfur dioxide (SO2), and 0.015 kg of nitrogen oxides. (NOX)

Energy-saving and emission-reduction meter
Comprehensive benefit analysis of environmental protection Energy-saving and emission reduction
Estimated annual power generation(MWh) 854.1
Standard coal (t) 307.5
CO2 (tce) 851.5
TSP(t/a) 232.3
SO2 (t) 25.6
NOX(t) 12.8
H2O (m3) 3416.4


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