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SCR Technology SCR stands for an after treatment technology called Selective Catalytic Reduction. This technology requires the use of a reagent called AUS 32 (also known as AdBlue, DEF in North America or ARLA 32 in Brazil) to reduce the NOx. Almost all major heavy-duty vehicles manufacturers have decided to use this technology to meet the new emission legislation on NOx emissions. Competitive technologies offer less beneficial fuel efficiency and higher CO2 emissions. So SCR is the most cost effective solution to meet NOx emission standards.The most important part of the SCR system is the AdBlue® /DEF/ ARLA 32, it is a 32.5% concentration of urea mixed with distilled water. The AdBlue® / DEF turned into ammonia by the high temperature of exhaust before entering the catalyst, the ammonia and nitrogen dioxide in the catalyst reacted and turned into nitrogen and water, so reducing the emissions of NOx and particles and help restraining the global warming..




Heavy commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe including DAF, Mercedes Benz, IVECO, MAN, Renault, Volvo and Scania are using Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system to comply with Euro 5 and 6, the new EU environmental standards. The SCR system is with two features, one is reducing the emissions of NOx and particles, the other one is reducing the fuel consumption







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