IC card petroleum retail management system


LT-IC management system for gas station, the system's hardware is made up of management PC and communication box. the main function is to monitor and manage fuel dispenser working status in the gasstation for mid-sized oil company. The communication box is a bridge which connects the PC and the fuel dispenser. Because the communication box is connected with the PC by RS232, in the PC we should insert multi port card to expand the RS232 port to match the nozzle numbers. The communication box has 2 types, one is with 8 ports, the other is with 16ports, can connect 8 or 16 nozzles IC card fuel dispensers. If the nozzles numberis bigger than 16, we can add more communication box. The PC is installed with the software of IC card retail management system. The hardware part includes UPS, printer, ticket printer(optional), multi port card, IC card reader, security keyboard(optional), Modem(optional), and so on. UPS can protect the PC, printer can print report, ticket printer can print receipt, IC card reader can issue card and make deposit, user can input password through security keyboard, modem is the communication box for connecting many stations. The complete software consists of security key manage system, building card system, issuing card system, data center system, single station management system. 








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