ID card management system


ID card management system consist of ID card reader, communication box, PC with ID card management system. Customer can swipe card first, then refuel. Each fueling record will be saved into the unit which the management system has already set up, which is a suitable method for account keeping. .The ID card reader is installed in the fuel dispenser, when customer want to get fuel, he just need take the ID card close to card reader(contactless), it will start the refueling, another mode is customer fix the card in the car, then put the card reader close to the card then it will start the refueling. The communication box is a bridge which connect the PC and the fuel dispenser. the communication box connected the PC by a RS232 cable. One end of the RS232 cable connect to the communication box's RS232 port, the another end connect to the PC's serial port. It has12 navigate socket with 4 pin, it can connect 12 fuel dispensers. If the dispenser's number is more than 12,then we should use 2 communication boxes, and should be level connected. Use our level connect cable to connect each “level connect” port in the communication box. By this way, the maximum number about the nozzle connected is 48(48 single dispensers, 24 double dispensers). The PC which install the management system software work under windows XP operation system, and it has two kind of display interface: graphics, sheet. When in graphics interface, it can make individual set to nozzle menu. the system can build the customer file, include company ,vehicle and driver information. Can inquire the refueling record, can setup different preferential price for different customer. Can make balance for commodity, with simulate tank gauging function, can print refueling receipt and so on. The system has abundant report: shift report for attendant, daily report for gas station, shift report for keep account,daily report for keep account, monthly report for keep account, detail shift report for certain dispenser, shift report for waste book, monthly report for oil tank,and so on. 







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