Tank Gauging System


Tank level gauge control system consists of liquid level gauge controller, magnetostrictive level gauge, management server and management software And other components, through the tank level, the average temperature and other data of the accurate measurement, effective management of gas station Invoicing And shift and other business. The system can monitor 1-6 tanks at the same time, fully realize the closed measurement and data quasi Indeed, safety, at the same time with side leakage alarm, accident alarm, liquid level alarm and other functions. Petrol station can be full Bit of monitoring, fully automated petrol station management, intelligent.








RT Liquid Console


Console is the interface of customer operation and display,also is the data management and record center. The major unit of the console is power board, mainboard, touch screen, safty barrier. Through the reducing voltage from the power baord,it will supply a safety voltage and current status for whole system. 








Console spec and parameter:

» Touch screen;                                              
» Real time monitor;                                               
» Can check 6 tanks at same time;     
» Alarm and remove alarm automatically;  
» Creat report automatically;   
» Attendant management;   
» Real time clock;                                                       
» Tank data input

Technology spec
» Power:AC220V
» Working temp:-20°C~60°C
» Installation position: safety area
» Weight:5.9KG 
» Screen size:7 inch 
» Communication port:one RS-485 port for tank probe
» One RS-232 port for computer
» Dimension: 247mm*240mm*114.2mm



Rich user interface

 leak report

input report 

Shift report

alarm report

stock report 

cubage input

probe setup

probe testing


p-on report

screen adjust

Print out





remove alarm 



Staff setup 

 tank setup 

 time setup

home page 






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