Gas station mobile phone management system


At home, on the road or even you are aboard , only need a smart phone, you can control all your stations by yourself at any time,

anywhere, calmly deal with petrol station management details. Now we highly launched the petrol station management mobile

application system in 2017, it can achieve real-time monitoring of petrol station operating conditions, tank storage information,

data query, service on time all by mobile phone.




Schematic diagram




Support peripheral products


Process Overview:
1. Install the gas station management system, management system is divided into IC card management system and non-card management system.
2. Run the management system, set the site information, user name and password, set automatically after the completion of the server.
(Note: here to set the user name and password is the phone or Web side login account)
3. Install the "WOW station" application on your phone, the Android system and the IOS system search for download in the respective application market.
4. Use the set user name and password login, web version login, you can use.

video Gas station management system App configuration and registration
video Gas station management system Mobile phone app installation and use
Download now:
• APP Mobile application download (Android)  
• APP Mobile application download (IOS)

After installation you can use the Demo account login experience:






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