This product integrates charger, charging interface, human-computer interaction interface, communication, billing, etc., for the rapid charging of electric vehicles. Its use of small area, fast charging time and other characteristics, generally used in various large charging stations, shopping malls, office buildings and other "instant charge" places.





Structure appearance

Shell material

Galvanized sheet


650*1800*800(Wide * high * thick)

Installation method

Floor-mounted installation

Route way

Under the line, under the qualifying

Charging interface

2 piece(National standard GB/T20234.3-2015)

Cable length


Environmental indicators

Applicable scene

Indoor / outdoor

Operating temperature -20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Operating temperature 5~95%
Altitude <2000m
Degree of protection IP54
Cooling method Strong exhaust air cooling
Electrical indicators
Input voltage 380Vac±15% Input Current 0~368A
Output voltage DC150~750V Output Current 0~268A
Steady flow accuracy ≤±0.5% Steady flow accuracy ≤±1.0%
Rated power 80/120/KW*2 Effectiveness ≥94%
Average current imbalance ≤±3.0% Current harmonics(THDI) ≤4%
Safety indicators Short circuit, over voltage, over current, leakage, over temperature, lightning protection.Ground insulation monitoring
Protective measures Moisture, mold, salt spray, dust, water, sun, wind, anti-theft and so on
Fractional fees Peak sub-billing and charging service charges, consumer transparency
Functional indicators Human-computer interaction: LED indicator + touch screen
Payment method: credit card payment
Communication Interface:Etherbet/RS485
Single shot uniform charge, double nozzle quick charge
Other: Emergency stop button, remote upgrade, background monitoring





DC EV Charger piles
AC EV Charger piles
Monitoring system
Monitoring module
Rectifier module






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