Monitoring System Overview


Charging station monitoring system is the core of charging station intelligentization and automation system. It is the general term of charging monitoring system, power supply monitoring system and safety monitoring system. The monitoring system has five components, namely the charging station monitoring background, the charger control management system, the distribution monitoring system, the security system and the communication management system.

Charging station intelligent monitoring system structure as shown




System module function description

Charging station monitoring background mainly completes the collection, processing, storage of data from the charger and power distribution system monitoring, provides a graphical human-machine interface and voice alarm functions, completes the system's data display and delivers control commands to monitor the charger and The operation of the distribution system; In addition to the SCADA monitoring functions of the distribution station, advanced application functions such as intelligent load regulation for the charging station system are also provided to provide a guarantee for the safe, reliable and economical operation of the charging station.








DC EV Charger piles
AC EV Charger piles
Monitoring system
Monitoring module
Rectifier module






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