Rectifier module



Product number: REG75020
Height: 84±1mm
Width: 215±1mm(Includes panel)
Thickness: 395±1mm
Weight: ≤8kg



Technical Parameters


1. Environmental conditions
Working temperature: -5°C~45°C, derating above 50°C, -40°C
Relative humidity: ≤95%, no condensation
Working altitude: Above 2000m above sea level, derating is required.
Cooling method: forced air cooling, intelligent fan speed

2. Input characteristics
Input voltage: Three-phase mode: 260V to 530Vac, three-phase + protection ground, no neutral line Single-phase mode: 200 ~ 300Vac, single phase + protection ground DC mode: 250Vdc ~ 750Vdc, DC + protection ground
Rated Input Voltage: Three Phase: 380Vac/Single Phase: 220Vac/DC: 600Vdc
Input voltage limit power: Three-phase mode: Full output above 304Vac Single-phase mode: Power down according to input voltage DC mode:

Over 500Vdc can be fully loaded with output
Input current: three-phase mode: <16.5A
Single-phase mode: < 20A
DC mode: <21A
Rated input AC voltage frequency: 50Hz or DC
Instant impact current at startup <32A
50%~100% rated output load PF AC input: ≥ 0.99
50% to 100% rated output load THD AC input: THD ≤ 4.5% (rated input)

3. Efficiency
Rated efficiency: ≥94.7%







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