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The electric vehicle charging system is a high-performance integrated DC charging system designed by the company. The system uses the world's leading high-frequency switching power supply module, monitors the use of industrial-grade CPU chips, human-machine interface using industrial color touch screen. The product has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, high security, high availability, beautiful appearance, and excellent technology.



Main feature


Charging module

» Using active power factor compensation technology, rated power factor value of 0.99.
» With comprehensive soft-switching technology, the rated efficiency is up to 94%.
» Ultra-low radiation. Advanced electromagnetic compatibility design.
» The safety specification design complies with UL, CE, NEBS standards.
» High power density.
» With output overvoltage hardware protection and output overvoltage software protection.There are two

options for software overvoltage protection: one overvoltage lockout mode and two overvoltage lockout modes.


» The AC input voltage has a normal operating range of 260Vac to 530Vac.
» Perfect battery management. With battery low voltage protection, it can realize temperature compensation,

automatic voltage regulation, stepless current limiting and other functions.
» Convenient and simple operation interface, fast maintenance interface
» Perfect AC side lightning protection design.
» Complete fault protection and fault alarm function.
» The system has an insulation fault ground alarm function.
» Conforms to GBT18487.1-2015, GBT20234.1/2/3-2015, GBT27930-2015



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