DC Ev Charger Piles monitoring module

Functional Overview


Charging pile monitoring together with its expansion board completes system monitoring of the entire charger system, BMS interaction of electric vehicles, card swipe and human-computer interaction functions, and remote monitoring functions.

Function Description


The monitoring of charging piles is based on the current state grid regulation of AC-DC and split electric car chargers 2015 standards, combined with the actual development of the system's functional requirements and targeted monitoring, the monitoring completed the information exchange of electric vehicles BMS, Control of charging gun with electronic lock, sampling and control of charging rectifier module, insulation monitoring system control, system thermal management control, status sampling and control of input and output power distribution devices, human-computer interaction LCD screen, touch screen, button, indication Control of lights, credit card machines, etc., with RS232, Ethernet or 3G/4G Modem for background communication. Meet the State Gribatteryd GBT18487.1-2015, GBT20234.1/2/3-2015, GBT27930-2015 standard.


System Block Diagram








DC EV Charger piles
AC EV Charger piles
Monitoring system
Monitoring module
Rectifier module






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