Contaier LNG Skid


Container LNG refueling station integrates LNG storage tanks, submersible pumps, gasifiers, and dosing machines into a single container.

It can realize all the functions of a fixed LNG refueling station, as well as safety monitoring and leak alarms. Emergency and other multiple

protection measures.

Product features:

1. Easy to move,less space,fast installation.

2. Highly integration, safty and low power consumption.

3. Highly automation,easy operation.







Technical performances
Daily refueling capacity 60m3
Atmospheric Pressure Maximum: 12000Nm3, Minimum: 10000Nm3
System working pressure Designed for 1.6MPa
Gas metering accuracy ±1.0%
Energy consumption < 0.05kWh/Nm3
Refueling time for a car 3-5min
Aerated pre-cooling Starting pre-cooling time does not exceed 30s
Discharging time < 3h
LNG liquid filling rate in storage tank 90%
Noise ≤55dB
Barrier-free working hours ≥5000h







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